Credit Card working balance in budget

After paying off  my Discover card several months ago (yay me!) the balance in the left hand side under "Budget" has remained at zero. 

I recently made a small purchase with the card and when I went to import the transaction it showed the purchase under outflow, but then it also showed the "working balance" as the available credit I have on that card, no longer just showing zero or the remining balance I owe on the card. Now the working balance is figuring into my "to be budgeted" category.

That is counter productive to remaining out of credit card debt to show your available credit as money to be budgeted. Considering my Capital One credit card isn't showing my available credit as a working balance, and until today the Discover was showing a zero balance, I'm thinking perhaps this is just a technical issue? Maybe there is a glitch and now ynab is viewing the account as a bank account as opposed to a credit card? 


Pics: you can see how the Discover card shows a positive working balance. Yesterday, before I imported the transaction (78.85), it showed a zero working balance.  

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  • Were any other transactions imported?

    • nolesrule No other transactions were on my Discover card besides the one for 78.20.

  • Hey  rlcnorthcoast , that certainly is strange! So if I'm following, you're expecting the Discover balance to be -$78.85 and not the +$13,882.13 it's showing now, correct? 

    Sounds like there was an erroneous inflow transaction imported. Could you go into your credit card register and see if there's a large inflow transaction that shouldn't be there? If you find it, feel free to delete it to see if your account now reconciles with your actual balance owed. 

    Let me know how it goes!

    • Dan at YNAB There are not any transactions on my Discover that are out of the ordinary. Like I said, the balance has been 0 until I made the one purchase and uploaded that transaction on ynab. I've since paid my Discover card back down to 0 balance and that transaction has shown up in ynab, but there is still a working balance of 13960.98. I thought that was such an odd number, since it wasn't reflective of the available credit on that card, so I added up all the transactions made on that card since I added the card to ynab and it equals +13960.98. I can't do a manual balance adjustment because that makes my Reports inaccurate. I'm going to attempt to disconnect the card and reconnect to see if that will solve the issue. 

    • Dan at YNAB I just disconnected the card and reconnected and the problem was not resolved. I can't close the account because I would lose all those transactions. I'm at a loss.

  • Still no answer to my issue! I'd love some help, if anyone has any ideas...

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