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I had an unexpected expense in the transportation category, I transferred funds from one account to another to cover the expense. When I made the transfer, the amount went automatically into "To Be Budgeted." I moved that budget amount into Transportation to cover the expense. The problem now is that $1,100 that should have been transferred from one budget category to another wasn't and so I've got a $2,900 budget with only $1,800 in my account. How do I fix this since moving that budgeted amount into "To Be Budgeted" would only make things worse? And, how could I have made this transfer align better with my budget?

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    Was the category that the money came from a tracking account? Transfers between accounts that are both in the budget won't affect your TBB.

  • Hi Curtis Thomas ! It sounds like your transfer was either from a tracking account to a budget account, or it wasn't entered as a transfer. 

    For transfers between Budget accounts, it's important to choose the right Payee.

    Scroll to the section with the title Transfer to/from account: and select the name of the other account you're transferring to/from. 

    Once you select one of those Transfer Payees, the category will be grayed out and say disabled for budget transfers. Those funds won't go into To be Budgeted, they will simply move between accounts. 


    Feel free to tag me to let me know how it goes!

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