Scanning/Adding Receipts: Why?

Hey YNAB Forum-ers (okay, that needs work...)!

A pretty common request that comes through the feedback & feature request channels is the ability to be able to scan/attach a picture of a receipt to a particular transaction. 

So we've been curious for more detail on what that would allow you to do or make easier for you. Is it strictly an organizing need? Tax reporting? Small-business use? Something else entirely?

Hearing more detail about how people want to use it would help contextualize this one—thanks!

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  • For me personally, I would use the ability to attach a receipt for tax based transactions or items that I may return, so I have the evidence that I am claiming in a form the IRS would want. I really do not think I would use the OCR feature, but the ability to have one place I can go for my financial overview would be nice.

  • I use Receipts by Waveapps to scan my receipts then copy the URL in the memo section of the transaction 

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    • King Foo I'm using Waveapps just for receipt tracking purposes for our homeowner's association.  I'd love to stop using Waveapps and just use YNAB!

  • I just wrote this to someone else, but I'm using this app called SimplyWise to take photos that digitize all of my receipts. It lets you export all of your data into a spreadsheet, which you can then upload into YNAB. It also pulls out reminders for warranties or return dates, and then reminds you of them. It's VERY simple, I've been telling all of my friends to get it. 

  • There certainly is value to receipt scanning.    I use Expensify for work and one of the most useful features is being able to forward a digital receipt to an Expensify email address and have it show up in my app/account ready to assign.     

    The purpose of Expensify is completely different, but that feature of recognizing my email has sent a receipt makes it very user friendly.    I was also an mVelopes user for over 2 years. They implement receipt scanning, but the app interface is SO much more unpolished that we moved to the YNAB platform.  So as other posters have noted, it's not a deal breaker for our families budgeting needs.   But the ability to match a receipt to a transaction, even manually would certainly be a value-added feature. I'd pay an additional $15/yr for that (keeping under the mystical $99/yr bar.)

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  • I appreciate the thought you have put into this topic already.

    I found this thread as I just happened to google 'attach a receipt in YNAB' to see if it could be done. I was entering a medical charge from an electronic receipt into YNAB that will eventually get reimbursed by our HSA. It would have been convenient to just attach a copy to the charge so later when I'm submitting the charge, I would know exactly where the receipt is.  

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    • Welcome Tomato Inspector ! Glad you found us! Would you be willing to fill out a Feature Request? That way your thoughts would get right into the hands of our product team. 

  • For me it is grocery receipts. I really would like to attach my grocery and/or shopping receipts to a transaction so I can review those at the end of the month or paycheck cycle.

  • I want this feature for tax and warranty purposes. Items purchased with a warranty require proof of purchase in my part of the world, so having the receipt image helps. I also use ynab for my investment properties so need receipts for claimable expenses. 

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  • Attaching receipts would definitely help for warranty tracking, reimbursements, etc on the personal budget side.  And for record keeping, taxes, avoiding having to use QBO, etc on the business budget side.  I'll put in a feature request!

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    • Thank you, ghettofreddy ! Those are great details for our product team. 😊

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