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I'm sure this has been asked. I've read a few threads that come close to what I'm looking for, but not exactly. I'm a new YNAB user, this will be my 3rd paycheck using it. 


I set my budgets. Whatever I don't use though, I transfer to my savings account, so that my account is literally at $0.00 before my check clears the next morning. I do not want to roll the money over to the next budget cycle, but I cannot figure out how to get this to reflect in YNAB. So far I've just been using the Fresh Start option. Which if that's what I need to do then so be it. Just wasn't sure if that was the easiest way to be doing it.



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  • There's a "Set Available Amounts to 0" in the quick budget options on the right handside menu, that may work for you? It'll move the money back to To Be Budgeted then I guess you can assign it to your Savings category or transfer it to a tracking account or however you are managing your savings?

    I'd recommend attending the workshop on "Reaching your Savings Goals" if you haven't had a chance to yet. I think it does a good job of explaining the value of keeping your savings on budget and how what money is in what account doesn't matter so much for YNAB. Good luck reaching your goals! 🙂

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    No, fresh starting absolutely isn't what you want to do, because then you lose your budget, and all your savings, every time you get a new paycheck. 

    Savings accounts should  be on budget accounts.  Use the budget to manage your savings, not a separate account. There are lots and lots of reasons for this, but to keep my post short, just trust me on this as someone who bucked this advice at first and regretted it sorely. Save yourself time and frustration and bring the savings account on budget, and budget that money to whatever goals you are saving for. 

    So what you'll do is what Coral Hammerhead suggested--"set to zero" will budget for the category exactly what you've spent, returning any excess to TBB. You can then budget that money to your savings goals. Whether you then transfer that money to the savings account is a secondary issue--as long as you're using your categories to guide your spending, you won't spend money you're saving regardless of what  account it's in. 

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  • I've never used the 'set available to 0' option, but it sounds like that's exactly what you'd want. Great way to beef up the savings for sure. I personally prefer money to roll over, as it's less to allocate then, when I reach my max per category - but great advice on the set to 0. I imagine this is what I would use if and when I wanted to wipe out all the budgets and restart with what money goes where.

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