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Hey everyone,

I've been using YNAB for a while and it has been fantastic in getting my finances in order. I am writing today a feature suggestion, but I'm not sure if this is the right place (could not find any feature suggestion forum), but this is certainly a challenge for me.

Basically, I have mild red-green colour-blindness, and believe me or not, the colours YNAB currently uses on the Budget page (Web version) to represent "positive" (green #16a336) and "cautious" (orange? #e59100) are practically indistinguishable.

As I workaround, I had to use the User CSS plugin on Chrome to change the "cautious" colour to CSS orange (#FFA500) so that I could visually tell the difference. I.e.: > .budget-table-cell-available .cautious {
    background-color: orange;

It would be good, however, if this could be built-in instead, since many members of the community may not have the tech knowledge to implement such a workaround. Statistics show that 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colour-blind, so a significant number of people in the YNAB community may be affected.

Multiple colour schemes may in fact be required, or some other non-colour-based indicators, because there are many types of colour blindness.

I hope some action would be taken to make YNAB an even better product.

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  • The toolkit (an "unofficial" browser extension) has a "color blind mode" that might be what you are looking for. They have some other color options that I like better too.

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      The YNAB toolkit extension, I have tried but it doesn’t seem to help me see the dark gray number on a light gray background.

  • I think this thread fits better under App Functions. Perhaps Faness , we could trouble you to move it there.  I think anyone else looking for information on tech issues and colour blindness might search in that thread first.

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    • HappyDance Yes, thank you for the heads up! We try to catch these but this one seems to have slipped through on us. :)

      Isaac C. Just wanted to let you know that we're working on a process for feature requests on the forum. I'll pass this along to our development team, but the Toolkit is a great option for colorblind settings.

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  • PLEASE, Please at re-evaluate your color & font scheme for the YNAB web application. I have been using YNAB since YNAB Pro very successfully. But I have gradually increasing problems with visual acuity because of macular degeneration in my right eye and glaucoma in both eyes and apparently the glaucoma is affecting my ability to distinguish characters and numbers reliably.  I am still daily using both classic YNAB and web YNAB. However it is becoming very difficult, in particular it is very difficult to accurately distinguish numbers in web YNAB scheduled account transactions I believe this is because the characters appear to be only a little darker than the light gray background. 

    I have spent a lot of time trying change the colors and tried the settings available to increase contrast in Windows 10 and the monitor color and brightness settings but nothing I have tried has any discernible effect  in the web YNAB colors or contrast.  You have complete control of the CSS settings. Please give us the option of at least changing the background color in the scheduled accounts transactions (and the cleared transactions also) or change to bold fonts in the accounts transactions. I like the color scheme of YNAB 4, it is much easier to read. Please allow us the choice to use the YNAB 4 color scheme in web YNAB.

    • Brad Hull Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with YNAB and letting us know how we can improve it. When you have a moment, would you mind submitting those details through our Feature Request form (and marking it as Critical)?  That's the fastest way to get those details in front of our development team for further consideration. 

  • I'd like to add a request for colorblind-friendly colors...esp, as the OP indicated, the "green" and "orange" great the most difficulty.


    1) The existing colors could be much brighter.  The colors as they are now are rather light/pale/pastel.  Think fire-engine red, hills-of-Ireland green, Orange Crush (soda) orange.

    2) Use colors that contrast yellow vs blue vs red, or various markedly varying depths of shades any color.

    Certainly, it must be easy to add the option for folks to choose various colors sets, or even set their own colors.

    The "classic" colors don't work either, as even though they are brighter, the green and orange are still too similar.  Yes, I know to non-color-challenged people this sounds rediculous (my wife let's me know quite often), but believe me, the difficulty is real.  :)


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    • Bill Lisa We're definitely looking at ways to make YNAB more colorblind-friendly. In the meantime, however, the developers of the ToolKit for YNAB extension (scroll down to the “Installing” section) have implemented a colorblind mode.

      While we aren’t able to support the ToolKit, it might be a good option for you! (In addition to the colorblind mode itself, I believe the Toolkit also offers features to change the shape of the colored pill in the Available column in certain circumstances, so I'd look over the Budget options as a whole.)

      And thank you for the feedback!

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