Convert Credit Card account into checking account

Is there a way to convert my Credit Card account into a checking account without losing all my history?


I use my credit card as a checking account and pay my bills monthly. SO I do not need all that tracking crap.

This credit card tracking is messing up my entire budget and I'm finally at the point where I cannot stand it anymore.

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  • Ok, I already figured it out. It ended up being quite easy


    1. create new checking account

    2. select all transaction on old account, and move them to the new account

    3. go back in budget history and remove all budget assigned to credit card payments category (not sure how they ended up there in the first place)

    4. Hope it didn't mess up my budget more as it already did

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    • DeMaffias  Did you find that after you did this your budget was out of whack?  I just did what you described above after reading it on another thread and now I have to go back and fix things from the past, I think.  Although, I didn't do step 3 that you listed.  I'll have to see what that is about.

      • DeMaffias
      • demaffias
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Spriteomatic Correct, It was out of whack. But that is what step3 is about. The credit card payments category needs to be cleared to fix your budget issues. That was the only issue that occured for me.

    • DeMaffias  Thank you.  Do you then just transfer funds each month into the respective checking(aka credit card account) to cover the expenses?   So, one would allocate his income/TBB among the various accounts?

      • jenmas
      • jenmas
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Spriteomatic No. Just do your transactions like normal and let the account balance go negative. When the time comes, make a payment by doing a transfer from checking to credit card account. This is only works for people who are able to at any moment in time pay their full account balance (pay in full/PIF user). If you can only afford to pay the statement balance or can only afford to pay after receiving income, the credit-card-as-checking-account method is not for you because you are not truly a paid in full user, you just pay the balance every month based on future income.

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  • Ah, what a relief. THANK YOU for posting that! So simple, and yet it never occurred to me. That will save me much frustration. :)

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  • Profound thanks to those who suggested transferring credit card accounts to fake checking accounts. We pay our CCs off in full every month and the mysterious budget entries were driving me crazy.

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  • Since this thread has been resurrected, do note that moving all CC transactions to a new checking account will cause changes throughout the budget when any credit-based overspending is present. (Your call if that's OK.)

    One approach that does NOT affect the budget in past months is just to "pay off" the CC account from the new checking account with a normal transfer. Zero out any remaining money in the CC Payment category.

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