Reconciliation from YNAB4 to new YNAB

I am converting from YNAB4 to the web YNAB effective Jan 1, 2019.  If a check I issued  in 2018 and posted in YNAB4 gets deposited and cashed in 2019, how do I account for this in new YNAB?  Actually there will be many such transactions that cross the fiscal and YNAB boundaries, so this issue will crop up many times.

I'm looking for a general method to handle this .

Any help appreciated. Thanks



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  • Hi Joe! drone-pilot

    You'll want to budget for those expenses since you know they're going to take place. For instance, let's say you wrote a check for January's rent in December. Budget for the rent, as normal, and once the check clears you'll categorize it to your Rent category. This is the same for any pending expense that will be addressed in your new budget. :)

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