Age of Money 2019

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  • HappyDance said:
    It's been a very expensive year for me, all big-ticket items that I saved up for in advance of purchase.  I'm so grateful for the clarity that YNAB provides. It kept me calm while paying bills with a comma in them and buying things with a comma in them.

    Same here, it's a beautiful thing! I don't even blink anymore when paying to get my house repaired like this morning when a garage door repairman installed two new springs and fine tuned my garage door for the foreseeable future. The money is there and waiting to do its job!

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  • Can you update the spreadsheet for 2020. Thanks. 

    • Hi PJ !

      We're looking into how best to support these community challenges next year. The 2020 spreadsheets will be up by the new year! :)

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    • Superbone I'm hoping your home maintenance category is holding strong!

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      • Superbone
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      • Superbone
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      Faness Let's just say it's hanging in there. 🙂

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  • This will probably be my AOM/DOB high of the year, since I just got a bonus:

    AOM - 84

    DOB - 142

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  • I re-organized my finances and accounts in anticipation of a Fresh Start on January 1, and took this time to transfer 35% of my liquidity to investment accounts.  I'm back to a liquidity of roughly 8 months income (from the 13.5 months it was) in my budget, mostly comprised of emergency funds (6 months), true expenses (1.5 months), and the remaining half month throughout the remaining categories.  My end-of-December paycheque will be used to budget January.

    All of this clean-up and reorg pretty much decimated my AoM #, so I will not reach the projected 300s number I thought I might at the beginning of the year.


    and I will see a ??? or near-ZERO on January 1 when I pull the trigger on my fresh start.

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  • 2019 ends with AoM 383, DoB 563. So I'm 7 days short of my revised goal.

    Next year I hope to spend a lot of money, or move more into investments. Either way, it should drop by half or more. 😎

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  • I ended at 61 days, just skating by my 60 day goal sometime in mid-December. I'm hoping we do this again next year! I found it helpful to keep track. 

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  • Ending at 123 AoM, 3 over my goal. And 179 Days of Buffering. The sinking funds and some money doing well in the market have really helped this along.

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  • Ending the year at AOM of 144, up from 137.  DOB is 191, up from 183.  I foresee both of these plummeting in the year to come as we're looking at $20-30k of planned, budgeted spending on top of normal expenses.  Before YNAB we never would have been comfortable making those sorts of plans because our dollars didn't have jobs, we didn't have a plan for our saving and spending, and it would have left me feeling too vulnerable to do so.  I'm planning on counting this as a win, no matter what my numbers do in 2020!  

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  • I hope there will be an AoM 2020 spreadsheet. It was great to see my progress and stagnation in 2019

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  • I ended with a December AOM of 332. This will be the end of my participation. It just doesn't mean as much after you've been out of debt for a while and are a long-time YNABer. My number was a rollercoaster ride that ended within 2 of where it started in January.

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      • HappyDance
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      • HappyDance
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      I pulled a fresh start this morning, so I don't have an AoM, and since I started with a year's worth of my average expenses due to healthy sinking funds + emergency funds, I don't expect to see any dips in 2020.

      As a result, I think I would feel disingenuous participating in an AoM tracking challenge knowing that.  I won't be participating in a new AoM challenge.

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  • Everybody did great keeping track of their AOM this past year! I hope you'll join me on the new challenge at Happy New Year!

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  • Last half of the year was a roller coaster and a nose dive. I DID manage to hit my goal of 150 in June though!! Before we purchased our house and owned two houses for 4 months 😐😅. With the sale of the old house cane a huge inflow with a subsequent large outflow to our new mortgage. AOM plummeted to a low of 14 days I think the first week of December. It should continue to climb into February as we are still spending that money from the sale on Nov 22. 

    just shows that AOM isn’t all that usefully of a metric, but fun to track. 

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