BMO Harris connection down

Anyone else with a BMO Harris account having issues with the direct import connection?  I've reached out to YNAB support and they have their DI partner looking into it.  Just wondering if this is happening to others as well.  Thanks.

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  • Therein is the problem, YNAB support has been "hoping for a resolution" for a couple months.  If you have customers successfully connecting through your third-party provider, step up, figure out how and let the rest of us know. Don't rely on your customers to have to provide the support that you should be providing your customers.

    How has this not escalated beyond the same lame support that has mismanaged this from the beginning? Is support also outsourced and has no interest in the reputation of the company they represent? 

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    • Tan Deer It's just us for support. :)

      We're still a somewhat small team, but we try our best to get issues resolved as quickly as possible. I'm sorry that's been a slow process as of late. When we escalate things to our Direct Import partner, issues like this (widespread with large institutions) are their top priority. However, rebuilding the integration still takes time. We do ask for frequent updates so we're aware of the status and the feedback from users is a great help so we can let them know if something is improving or not.

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  • Another update on my end: my importing is now broken again.

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  • Aaron Lavender Device I'm sorry things are on the fritz again but I truly appreciate you letting us know! I've let them know some users were able to connect previously, although briefly, and things now seem to be down again across the board. Hopefully they can look at their recent changes to pinpoint exactly what caused the connectivity and use that to get things back up for everyone. 

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  • I want to make it clear on this. BMO is the Bank of Montreal, one of 5 biggest banks in Canada. And other users here claim BMO Harris, which is BMO's subsidiary in the US for those customers who regularly cross the border between 2 countries.  I think all of us have consistent issues with both BMO and BMO Harris for at least 2 months.

    I know that BMO made some changes on their end in terms of user authentication  in the end of January because I was asked to change my password to the one that is more complex and secure. If the YNAB's issue was related to this change I believe it should be fixed by now because most of other financial apps in Canada that I use currently have very stable connection with BMO and their direct imports work fine so far.  My assumptions of why this issues takes too long for YNAB to resolve:

    - YNAB doesn't escalate this issue enough. 

    - YNAB and 3rd parties think BMO is a small bank and put other 'big' banks in priority and don't take time to fix this issue. 

    - Direct import 3rd parties working with YNAB suck (sorry I have to say this)

    YNAB is not a free app and we pay every month to get a service that we want. Some other customers are willing to pay you and they don't need direct import but do manual import instead. But some other customers are willing to pay just because you have a Direct Import option and now you take that away from us.  Never in my entire career do I experience a technical issue that takes this long to be resolved. If this happens to my company, this would set to Severity 1 and we have to solve it in 24 hours.  Even if you think this issue only deserves Sev 3, taking 2 months without any improvement is ridiculous...

    Instead of keep apologizing to us, how about an action plan? ie: 50% discount monthly payment to customers who are get affected by this until you resolve the problem? 

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    • Aquamarine Colt 


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    • Aquamarine Colt 

      I know direct import issues are frustrating, and I completely understand where you’re coming from. It does feel unfair to pay for something when it isn’t working as expected—I get that.

      Ultimately though, beyond a bit of extra time, we can’t offer compensation (or refunds without complete cancellation) for Direct Import issues. Data aggregation is imperfect. It’s an unfortunate truth, but it’s a truth nonetheless. It’s expected that there will be bumps in the road, and while we do everything we possibly can to fix them as quickly as possible, it’s just not something we have the power to eliminate (and trust me, we really wish we did).

      We believe very deeply that YNAB is worth the price without Direct Import, and if this one feature causes more trouble than it’s worth, you can absolutely use YNAB—and get the full benefit—without it.

      After the platform upgrade BMO made on their end, scheduled for completion at the end of January, our Direct Import partner has had to completely rebuild the integration for this institution. When all goes smoothly, our Direct Import partner usually estimates 4 weeks for rebuilds, but complex rebuilds can take longer. We don't have a time frame for the fix to BMO, but we're hoping it will be soon.

      The original post of this thread was for BMO Harris, but we're able to monitor the connection issues to both and we're more than happy to provide updates here. I want to share this is a priority for us - we check for updates on this issue daily and discuss it with our Direct Import partner on our scheduled conference calls - they just need a bit more time to repair things.

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    • Aquamarine Colt 

      It's hard to imagine 3 different Direct Importers cannot get this knocked out in a day or two.    It's pretty weird.   

      I try to keep in mind, it's not just about authentication, they also have to get the api's to work to basically pull all the data. 

      Still, we've been waiting for several weeks, now.   Hearing again and again how you can export and import from your bank is not helpful.  That is not automation.  I have my entire home automated, I tell it to turn the lights on, turn something else off, open this, start that, change the temp, order this, and that...   Why would I not want automation with my accounts?  LOL!  I do make manual transactions, but manually reconciling those transactions is a pain in the neck. 

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      • Tan Deer
      • Tan_Deer.3
      • 15 hrs ago
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      We do not "get the full benefit" without it. 

      I have been a YNAB customer since long before you migrated to the web and direct import has long been a feature. Without it, budgeting becomes a greater burden and is difficult to keep in sync between my wife and me. We use the mobile app to reference and update the budget, however, we do not manually perform every transaction that passes through our budget. Its called autopay. A way that everyone uses to minimize the effort to pay bills.

      YNAB used to minimize the effort to budget. Now it doesn't.

      YNAB used to have great support. Now it doesn't.

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    • Faness 

      Faness said:
      We don't have a time frame for the fix to BMO, but we're hoping it will be soon.

       This. When you say you don't have a time frame to fix something, most of the time it means it is unfix- able or you're not able to fix it. Imagine if you bring your broken phone or car to a shop looking for a fix and they will either tell you a time frame to fix or tell you a buy a new one (or a new part) because they can't fix it. We're not happy because of this - you don't have a time frame to fix the BMO issues and you make us wait and wait and wait  for nothing...So now we think it's unfix-able and you don't do anything to compensate us for this lack of feature. 

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    • Aquamarine Colt Thank you. I am one of the users who cannot access BMO Harris for checking and savings (I'm in the Chicago area).  It blows my mind that we are still here discussing a tech issue that has not been remedied in THREE MONTHS. 

      I'm patient and understanding but I feel like a schmuck everytime I open YNAB with crossed fingers.  

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    • Faness Do you have a contact for the third party? I would like to try to contact them. 

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      • Tan Deer
      • Tan_Deer.3
      • 34 min ago
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      Cornflower Blue Welder 

      I find it incredibly unlikely that YNAB entered into a contract with a third party direct importer and did not establish an SLA shorter than 3 months for problem resolutions. 

      Likewise, I assume some recourse was specified in this contract in which YNAB now benefits from our loss, while refusing to compensate us. 

      Worse, we were suckered into wasting our time grumbling about this issue and YNAB's terrible support in a closed environment that shields YNAB from this spreading to potential new customers. We should move this to a public forum as YNAB clearly does not represent our interests here.

      If you use the APP post a review.

      Post your experience here.

      Let's discuss alternatives that work with BMO.

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  • Yep some. Haven’t been able to connect for a couple of months

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