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Hello! I began with YNAB in late (very late) December 2018. Got my accounts set up with their opening balances and YNAB began importing transactions. While I set my budget up for December I really had no intention of actually following a budget for that month since it was nearly over. The plan was to start "fresh" in January and move forward from there. So my question is...can I simply go into the Accounts page and delete all the December transactions? Having them there throws off the calculations for the budget in January and again I really don't care about December at all. I also can't seem to get YNAB to show me a January budget report. It only lets me look at December (other date options are grayed out) even though the January budget is already set up. Or can I just delete the December budget completely? I hate having all these uncategorized (about a dozen or so) transactions for December. Does question make sense? Thanks!

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  • Your start date must include the current balance of all on budget accounts and any tracking accounts you want to include.

    I would simply start over.  Import all transactions from January 1 and input accounts with the start balance on January 1.

    Reports will show up when money is earned or spent NOT when money is budgeted (moved in to categories).

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    • QC  So go to "make a fresh start" or "new budget"? I did the former and it starts from today, not Jan 1 and no account balances were imported. 

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      Todd Baker change the date on your starting balance transaction to January 1 and it should pull in all transactions for January. You will need to enter the starting balance yourself. 

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    • satcook So I shouldn't need to manually enter transactions since 1/1/19? Maybe a dumb question but how long does it take for YNAB to import transactions? I tried the import button but I'm told none exist to import. Thanks!

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    • Todd Baker 

      After linking an account, if you decide to import past transactions (since the first of the month, for example) you can change the date of the starting balance transaction. Once you change the starting date to the first, your transactions should import - you'll just need to update the balance to what it was on that date to keep your account in line with your actual bank account.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, I'm happy to help! :)

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    • Faness Okay my accounts are linked and I've manually created the starting balance and set the date of the starting balance to 1/1/19. My question now is whether I need to manually enter transactions since 1/1/19 or wait for YNAB to do it for me? Maybe I'm being impatient but YNAB hasn't downloaded any transactions and none import when I click on the "import" button. There aren't that many and I can take care of it myself but I don't want to create duplicate transactions if YNAB will eventually do the job. Thanks!

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    • Todd If those transactions have already cleared, they should have imported when you changed the date. If you don't want to wait, you don't have to! If you manually enter those transactions now, and YNAB imports them later, they will automatically Match so as not to create duplicates (as long as the amounts are the same).

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    • Faness I guess I'll wait 24 hours or so and see if YNAB imports for me. No big deal since I'm not talking about dozens of transactions but like I said, I'm impatient!

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    • Todd Baker I completely understand that itch to budget! 

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    • Faness A follow up...this morning my missing transactions had imported. Whew! I think I'm on the right track now. Thanks for everyone's suggestions and help!

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