Reconciliation Issues

I only import CC transactions manually.  I've been reconciling weekly.  But every time I reconcile I have to create an adjusting entry.  I can't figure out why.  There are only a few transactions but YNAB NEVER equals the actual balance.  Something is wrong.  Any ideas? 

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  • If you're manually inputting transactions and reconciling weekly, you should never need to create a reconciliation adjustment. You may need to add transactions you've forgotten but that is entirely different to adding a reconciliation adjustment.

    Try looking at this and let us know if it still doesn't make sense:

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       Just checking, you are trying to reconcile only the cleared transactions to the cleared balance on the credit card, aren't you?

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  • Hi Cadet Blue Flute (0f093c2b2d00) !

    Monkeyhanger pointed out an important part of reconciling - you should only reconcile the transactions that have already cleared your account, no pending transactions. If you take a look at just the cleared transactions, do things match up then? You'll also want to make sure the balance adjustments aren't causing the balance to be incorrect, as well. 

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  • Usually this is because you're providing a balance to the initial reconciliation box that includes pending amounts, and some banks make it difficult to see what the actual cleared balance is. If the bank provides a running balance column, the balance associated with the most recent transaction is almost certainly going to be the cleared balance. Otherwise, you might have to ask your bank where to find the cleared balance.

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  • Something else is going on with my Chase statement.  I can't get the numbers to work from my last statement to what Chase reports as my current balance.  And yes, only cleared transactions, not pending.  I'm calling Chase.

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    • Cadet Blue Flute (0f093c2b2d00) Good luck! If you still have questions after talking to Chase, please let us know!

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