CSV import with budget categories

Is it possible to import a CSV file (transaction data) with budget categories assigned to the outflows/inflows?

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    • Patzer
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    No.  This remains one of my biggest concerns with web-based YNAB:  I can export my data, but I cannot accurately import the data that I exported.  There is no facility for making a backup copy of the budget and restoring from that backup if I want to experiment with budget changes and the experiment fails.

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      • Purple_rain
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      Luisa Rojas Your message here isn't likely to be of much use. The original request for this feature is over a year old, which means to me that it's likely in a pile of "dead issues" somewhere.

      If you want to submit a feature request for this, there is a link on the starting page, on the upper right, where you can submit feature requests. You can try that.

  • I am leaving YNAB because of this. Don't they realize that some people use Amazon daily, sometimes for hundreds of items a month? The bank transactions come from random places with no indicator of what they are. This makes categorization impossible unless you 1. eyeball Amazon item history and YNAB side by side, doing the math along the way for where transactions grouped several items. 2. enter Amazon items one by one manually as you purchase things. I would much rather use another program where at least I can import data field for field - not limited only to the string text fields. REAL coders know how to allow import into dependent/related fields using character recognition. Bush-league. 

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