Fresh Start then subsequent budget line name changes get lost

I have had YNAB for a couple of years, but wasn't keeping up with it.  Recently I wanted to get started with it again.  From the website (i.e., I signed in and selected Fresh Start, which appeared to zero everything in the accounts and budget/activity/available lines.  So far so good.  Then I proceeded to make edits to the names of the budget lines.  After making several changes, I then logged out.  The next day when I logged in, the edits that I made to the budget line names are no longer there. The lines had reverted back to what they were before I edited them. 

What can cause edits to the budget lines to be lost?  Am I missing a "save" button?  Is there a bug in the Fresh Start such that it wipes out any subsequent edits for the next N hours?  

This is frustrating and concerning, because now I don't know if all my work for tailoring the budget is going to be wiped out the next day.  

What is the fix or workaround?

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    You are probably reverting to the old budget. In the top left corner, click on your budget name and then open budget and find the new budget name. 

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    And also update any bookmark you saved. It's best to bookmark just "" and not all of the stuff after the .com, as that's what identifies which budget and what month to open.

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  • Hi Zoom ! Double check those two things mentioned above, and let us know how it goes.

    You can also enable a setting, to open your most recently-used budget by default when you log in, if you'd like. To do that:

     - Click on your budget name in the upper, left corner
     - Select My Account.
     - Check the box next to "Open most recent budget by default."

    Going forward, the budget you've worked on most recently will open automatically when you log in—as long as you’re not using a bookmark for a specific budget.

  • Thank you all. That was it! My bookmark was some long URL instead of just So it kept reverting to the old one when I opened the bookmark. In order to recover, I had to select one of the archived budgets that had my edits. The budget name was wonky then because it was "Our Budget (archived on 15 Aug 2019)". I was able to fix that by clicking on the budget name, then Budget Settings, then fix the name and Apply Settings. It's all good now. I appreciate the tips.

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