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I just started YNAB 2 weeks ago. I love it. It's helping me a lot! I tried using the actual envelope system, but it was ok, but: 1. I have a debit card that if I use it like a credit card, I will get reward points and with the envelope spending, I didn't get that. 2. I had about $90 left in there and it got stolen. Insert sad face, lol 😭

Using YNAB, which to me is like a virtual envelope system, which I like, has enabled me to, in 2 weeks: 1. Pay off 1 credit card, 2. Pay my rent before the 1st, instead of the 5th (and hope, and pray, my check gets to the bank before the rent payment comes out. 3. I know now where my money goes. Instead of, oh I got paid, I want to buy this, and this, and this, now I know that I can buy it IF I really want it OR I can put the money towards something else (like rent, or credit cards). It's my choice. 

There is something I can't figure out. I had put the credits cards as separate accounts, but since I paid off the one card, it still shows. I mean it shows zero, but it shows in the budget part as in how much money is set aside and how much money I need to budget this month for the card. What am I missing?

Thanks and glad to be a member of such a wonderful group of people! 👋

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    Welcome! Yes, keep the envelope system in mind and you will do fine. I've been using it for about 10 months now. I've not closed an account/card, so I can't say what to expect. 

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    Hi, and welcome.

    Yes, your card will stay on the budget, as long as the account is open.  If you want it to go away, you have to close the account, in YNAB, at least.

    It doesn't hurt anything to keep it on the budget, if there is any chance you will use it again.  Would not recommend actually closing the account before checking what it would do to your credit score, if you care about that.  

    Wishing you great success with your budget.

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  • Hi Catlover !

    @Welcome to YNAB and to the forum - we're happy you're here! :)

    Were you able to get things ironed out? If you have paid off that credit card, and there's a zero dollar balance in that account, the credit card category Available amount should match. If you have money Available in the credit card category, you can use the move money tool to move it to your other categories, since you no longer need that money to pay off the credit card (since it has already been paid off). :)

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  • It shows a zero balance in the left hand column, but on the part where it says credit cards (not the one where I have it listed), it says the amount. Do I want that? Also, I got paid today. I have every penny with a job, BUT. . . . on the 12th (2 days from now) I will have $200 automatically taken from checking and put into savings. How do I handle that? Do I need to take the money away from some category? I went and stuffed it into the vacation category just so I'd have some place to put it. Or will it be taken care of when it comes thru the bank and gets put in automatically? I have my banking linked to my YNAB account. Thanks!


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      Catlover So in your Account List on the left, a credit card should show the current balance on the card (i.e. -$100, the actual charges on the card).  On the right in the Credit Card Payments section, the Payment Column (under the Available Header), should be the same amount, but positive if everything is budgeted for correctly (so it should say $100 to correspond with the -$100 balance on the card).

      As for the checking to savings transfer, the actual category the money is in doesn't matter. 

      You will have a transaction in the accounts for moving the funds from one to the other.  Transfers between accounts do not require a category, since they are just moving money around, not changing the purpose of the money.  Credit Card payments work basically the same way.  You do a payment from your bank account to the credit card account.

      Hopefully that is somewhere clear, if not I'm sure someone else can explain things better.  :)

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      TechieM2 Thanks! That really helps!!!!!

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