Joining Forces - Combining Accounts

I just got married, and my wife and I have both been long-time YNAB users.

We've looked at our options for continuing to use YNAB now that we're joining forces, which is tricky since she has accounts and assets in Thai Baht whilst mine are in UK Pounds. It looks like the easiest way is to have two budgets - one for each currency, which will be fine. Then we can simply use the same YNAB account/login, and record transactions against whichever currency we used.

However, we're both keen to keep our years and years of historical data in our respective budgets. The Import/Export feature doesn't seem to cut the mustard for achieving this. Is there a way I can bring her entire budget across to my YNAB account intact, with all the bank accounts, categories, etc?  Even if someone could do some manual intervention at HQ to achieve it? =D

Thanks a lot!

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  • Just a user, but it sounds like you need reporting feature. In the software I used to use before it was desupported, I could run a detailed report that showed all transactions by category for a year. Each category was also totalled  in the report. It sounds like if you had that, you could run it several times and archive the information you needed. 

  • Have you seen Revolut yet? I don't think it replaces YNAB but it does multiple currencies. I just heard about it.

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      Navy Blue Mare No it absolutely doesn't. It is great for spending in foreign currencies (either direct from my £ account or transferring to € before sending to my regular € account required for our overseas mortgage). I'd never use it for budgeting though.

  • You can migrate YNAB4 budgets.

  • Hi Ivory Hammer !

    I'm sorry we missed this post initially! Congratulations on your recent nuptials! :)

    When you say you'd like to combine accounts, do you mean you and your wife each have a separate account for the online version of YNAB? If so, there isn't a way to combine those accounts. You can export one of the budgets and then import it into the account you plan to keep, but the transactions would need to be re-categorized which could take some time depending on the length of history.

    Let me know if that isn't the case, or if you have any other questions - we're more than happy to help! :)

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