Pay for a consultant to set it up?

Is there anybody who helps people set up their accounts, budgets and does initial categorizing of purchases for them? I would gladly pay to have someone take care of those initial steps. Thanks. .

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  • Just sent you an email!

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    • paveln Hi there! I’m looking for something like this too :-D

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    • Hi JessaLeigh !

      Have you taken a look at our free, online workshops? They're taught live by our education team which gives you the chance to ask any questions you have! It's not a one on one, but I wanted to let you know the option was there! :)

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  • Hi Powder Blue Song !

    I responded to your comment on another thread, but I wanted to leave a link to our Set Up Your Budget workshop here as well. While it still requires effort on your part, it can help you get through those initial steps without paying any additional money. :)

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  • Also, so many different ways to set up the budget that I have seen here. Ways I never even imagined. Some have budget categories for each paycheque. Some people have the most awesome category names. Some people like to micro-categorize. So I suggest you just start doing it and then as times goes on, you can modify things. I have combined categories that I previously tracked separately. I have moved accounts from tracking accounts to budget accounts. Finally, I am a software trainer and I strongly believe that the best way to learn software is by using it.

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