Having Trouble with Account Balance



Currently I'm having a problem with the balance on one of my accounts. I made a payment in the amount of my outstanding uncleared balance, but the account balance still says that it is negative. Can you help me understand how to fix this?





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  • Hi Bill A !

    I'd love to help! 

    The cleared balance represents all the transactions you鈥檝e entered or imported into YNAB that have already cleared the bank. (Heads up -if you import transactions, YNAB will clear them automatically.)YNAB and the bank know about these transactions. This is the balance you use when reconciling your accounts. 

    The uncleared balance includes all the transactions you've entered in YNAB that have not yet cleared the bank. Only you and YNAB know about these transactions. You can mark them as cleared (once they clear your bank) by clicking the little 'c' icon in the far right of the transaction (turning it from a gray C to a green C). 

    The working balance is the balance your account will be once all uncleared transactions clear your account. (Heads up again - scheduled transactions are not included in the working balance). Your budget is based on your Working Balance. That way, the swanky meal that took your last $30 from your Dining Out category on Friday doesn't go unnoticed on Sunday when you're tempted to go out for a nice lunch. 馃槈


    I hope that helps! 

  • Hi Jannelle,

    Unfortunately, that doesn't answer the question. I understand what all of the terms mean. In the case of a credit card, the Cleared balance of transactions should be what I owe, and any uncleared should be what I've entered (including any payments) that haven't cleared yet. 

    Thus, as the equation suggests the Uncleared Balance plus the Cleared Balance should be equal to the Working Balance, which in this case should be zero. My cleared balance is -3831.57, and my Uncleared is +3831.57.  As can be seen in the screenshot above, this equation does not balance out, and is showing incorrectly a working balance of -450.00.

    Please help me understand how to make the -450.00 correctly display 0.00.

      • JoeDid
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      • Purple_rain
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Bill A In the screenshot your uncleared balance isn't +3831.57. It's  $3381.57, a difference of $450.

      • Bill A
      • Steel_Blue_Tiger.4
      • 2 yrs ago
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      JoeDid Ugh, thanks! Such a boneheaded misread on my part.


      Sorry folks.


      Though I am a bit concerned still because all of my transactions, save the payment, are cleared, but I guess I can do an account reconciliation to deal with that. I am not sure where along the way it got off.


      Thanks Joe, and sorry for my mistake Jannelle!

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      • JoeDid
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      • Purple_rain
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Bill A That can easily happen: the array of numbers in the display is confusingly similar!

      ETA: BTW, from my banking years (early '60s) I learned if the 'error' is divisible by 9 (as is 450) it's likely due to a transposition.

      • Jannelle
      • jannelle_ynabsupport
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Bill A Doing that reconciliation is a good idea! Here are a few things that could be throwing off your balance by $450:

      --missing transactions that need to be entered 

      --an incorrect starting balance (if you've never reconciled before, this could be the case!)

      --transactions that are cleared at the bank that don't have the green "C" in YNAB (this is often the culprit! bring any uncleared transactions to the top, but clicking the gray 'c' at the top of your transaction register)

      --inverted numbers (entering $20.54 instead of $20.45)  (Like JoeDid mentioned)

      --entering a transaction as outflow instead of an inflow (same as above!)


      Let us know what you find! 馃槉

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