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Hi there,

I've sent 3 emails over the course of 4 months in order to get approved to get my affiliate link. No referral link that's linked to my account, but really an affiliate link with monetary compensation - as I have a blog. Can you please assist?


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  • If you pay via iTunes you can't get one.  Not sure how it works otherwise, as I pay via iTunes. 

    Check out this old thread on the forum, maybe it can help you out.  

  • Hi Aquamarine Router !

    Thank you for your interest in being an affiliate! 

    We're currently in the midst of revamping our affiliate program, so we've paused adding new members to the program for the time being. But, we'd still very much like to get your details so we can reach out once the shiny, new affiliate program is ready to go! Please, fill out this form to give us a little more information about you and your audience. When everything is back up and running, we'll let you know if we are interested in partnering after we review your information. 

    Thanks again for your interest and for bearing with us while we rework things! :)

  • Thanks for your kind reply Faness I'm just wondering why I didn't get any reply to the past emails I've sent. I'm already recommending YNAB to my readers without an affiliate link, so I would just love to get compensated for what I'm already doing. 


    I've filled in the form you provided, I will wait until the new affiliate program is up and running. Do you have any time frame for that?


    In addition, I'm not from the US, is it possible to be accepted in the program? Since I should fill in a physical address for the money to be transferred. 





    • Marjolein,

      I took a look and I see the email you sent to [email protected] but I'm not able to see emails sent to [email protected], I'm sorry you didn't receive a response before now! I'm double-checking to make sure that email affiliate address is still a good way to reach us!

      We're hoping to have the new affiliate program up and running in a few months, but I don't have an exact date. I also don't know the details of what the program will entail. YNAB employees work all around the world, so I don't believe your address would prevent you from participating in the program, but I can't say for certain. 

      Since you've filled out the affiliate form, we'll be in touch with more details! :)

      Aquamarine Router 

    • Faness Thanks for your kind reply! I'm just wondering if there is a solution in between the time that you're renewing the affiliate program? As I mentioned, I would love to promote your product on my website and it would be a pity if I need to wait until your program is fully restyled


      Any intermediary solution will work for me!




    • Aquamarine Router I hope you don't mind stepping in here. We hope to have the new program up and running, but the form above is our middle ground for now. If you're a subscriber, you can share your Referral Program link in the meantime!

    • Nicole Thanks for your reply! My subscription ended and I didn't renew yet, can I still apply for the program in that case?

    • Aquamarine Router There is no need to apply! All active YNAB subscribers can take advantage of the Referral Program. If you choose to renew, you'd be eligible. Or you can wait and see what our team has in store for the Affiliate Program!

    • Nicole I don't have an active subscription like I already mentioned, meaning I've never extended my subscription beyond the trial. I'll wait for the affiliate program

    • Kat
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    Hi!  I know this an old thread but wanted to check in on the status of the affiliate program.  Long time YNAB lover her and affiliate of the old program; looking for a longer trial (more than the standard 34 days).  Thanks in advance! -Kat

    • Hi Kat ! Our affiliate program is up and running again! I just sent you an email. 😊

  • Hi I just saw that the affiliate program is back up but I don't see a link to it... any help?

    • Hot Pink Rain Hi, there! I just sent you an email with more information. Thanks for your interest! :)

  • Would it be possible to get sign up information for the new affiliate program? I am launching a mini-course on business budgeting for digital solopreneurs and the primary tool I'll be demonstrating will be YNAB. It would be wonderful to be able to offer a longer trial or some other form of incentive to my future students.

    • Kristen Hey there! Thanks for your interest - I'm going to reach out to you via email with details on our program 😊

  • I would like information on the affiliate program as well. Thanks!

    • Spring Green Sloth Just sent you an email! 

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