Discrepancy between TBB this month & next

Hi!  I am looking for education here - I'm ~40 days new to YNAB and therefore just learning the intricacies of the software.  I just got paid today, so I went ahead and allocated most of that to August's budget (since we're at the end of July now).  I noticed a few days ago that August's budget had a negative ~$450.  I have no idea what that means??  My July TBB was always zero.   


Since I knew August was negative yesterday, when I budgeted my paycheck today, I went ahead and flipped to August first.  It showed a lower TBB than my paycheck, as expected.  So I budgeted down the remaining funds.  Now, my August TBB is $0, but then when I flipped back to July, it's now POSITIVE TBB ~$450!? 


Can someone please explain to me what I did in July that caused this?  I don't understand what the software is trying to tell me with having "next month" already in the red, when I kept everything even this month (I used Rule #3 quite heavily, but never actually overspent the dollars in the budget).  


Also, what do I do with the July TBB?  If I allocate it, it'll push my August number back to the red, right?? 



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  • I have no idea why this happens but what I did was reset all budgeted amounts in months ahead ( august ) to zero can do this in quick budget . Then went back to current month ( July) and sorted out that month. Still had some left over so went ahead and budgeted initial expenses for August. Seemed to sort to out. Quick budget is awesome for clearing up mistakes or allocating dollars quickly when you know your monthly funding  goals etc are correct

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  • Hi Krista T !

    It sounds like you may have overspending in your July budget. Any cash overspending (shown as red in your Available column) is subtracted from your To Be Budgeted when the month rolls over.

    So, if you have $450 To Be Budgeted in July, but your Dining Out category is overspent by $450, your August budget will show $0 To Be Budgeted.

    We also have an article about when the month rolls over, so check it out and let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Thank you both, makaeo and Faness!

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