Hide an active account?

Is it possible to hide an active tracking (liability) account in the Accounts sidebar? I know you can click the little arrow to the left of the Tracking menu to hide all of the accounts, but it would be helpful to selectively hide certain active accounts with balances, not closing or deleting them.

I've linked all my student loans to YNAB—they are all government loans at different interest rates, but are all managed by a single loan company so when I pay my bill it is dispersed across them. It would be helpful to be able to hide most of these accounts so I can focus on paying down one at a time with extra payments instead of getting overwhelmed visually by seeing all 10 of them. 

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  • Not possible. 

    You might ask yourself what is the value of having this information in YNAB in comparison to simply looking at your statement. That does sound like a lot of clutter.

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    • dakinemaui The value would be having the accounts somewhere I visit all the time to stay motivated to make extra payments—it's so satisfying closing liability accounts. :) And of course, the loan site is really ugly and hard to use. But it's no big deal—just wanted to see if there was a way to clean things up visually in YNAB.

    • Lavender Cartridge yep, motivation is an excellent reason. Good luck with everything!

  • I was a nerd and made a spreadsheet that calculated interest, payment allocations, extra payments, timing, etc for each individual loan. It was fun. It also helped motivate me and make good decisions about paying it down. 

    But, in YNAB, I just put the total in an unlinked tracking account. Each month when the payment went through, I recorded interest and the balance was always correct.

  • If you “close” the account, the account will still be there but you won’t be able to make transfers to it. But you can close and unclose at will. 

    • Superbone You can close an re-open an account at will, but YNAB will ask you to zero out the account first and enter a balance adjustment. To keep the account balance, it's best to keep the account open.

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      Faness Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that. I guess because my accounts are always $0 balance when I close them. Like a credit card I pay off and quit using but starting using again at a later date and re-open.

      I even have a credit union savings account that I have to keep a $1 balance in but don’t want to see on a daily basis. I even put in a fake $1 withdrawal so that the balance shows as $0 in my closed accounts.

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    • Faness So I have a tracking liability account I just paid off. I would like to not see the account on the left side of my screen in the tracking account area, but for reports purposes I still wanna see the 12 transactions. I have the Category hidden, that is simple and thus the information still appears in all reports. IF I 'Close' the tracking account, as I going to lose the category with the 12 transactions? Again, like the others here, I don't wish to keep seeing $0 in a tracking account, but I want ALL the information to be present in all Reporting functions forever.

    • Forest Green Battery Closing the tracking account will not impact reports. Those use the other side of the payment (the 12 checking transactions).

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    • dakinemaui Thank you

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  • Hi Lavender Cartridge !

    My student loans were treated the same way when I tried to connect them to my budget and I decided I'd rather have none of them in my budget than all of them. If you plan to pay them down by interest rate, you could add the account that you're currently focusing on while leaving the rest off budget until it's their time. If you add all of them, you can only minimize the Tracking account section like you mentioned instead of hiding certain ones. 

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    • Thanks Faness , I may just do that. It is a little disheartening having all my loans up when looking at my net worth chart! 😂  

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