Auto approve scheduled transactions

It would be awesome if there were a setting to Auto approve scheduled transactions. It's a waste of time for me to approve something which I already told it to do. 

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  • Hi Dennis Jalbert !

    Scheduled transactions ask to be approved in order to confirm they've taken place. For instance, I have a monthly transaction scheduled for utilities. However, the dates and amounts can change. When YNAB says the transaction needs to be approved, I double-check that I've correctly entered the amount and that it's taken place on the correct date.

  • Yeah, I get that. I just never need to change the details. I'm sure others may find this useful, but it would be nice for those of us who don't to be able to enable a setting to auto approve them.

    • Dennis Jalbert You can submit a Feature Request to share your idea with our Product Team, but we try not to stray towards automation when it comes to approving transactions. :)

  • Ok, thanks. I'll do that. If anyone else sees this and would like the same functionality, should they also submit their own feature request for the same thing? Or is there a way they can vote on the feature request?

    • Dennis Jalbert There isn't a voting system in place for feature requests, but each submitted request is ran through our Product Team - so we know which requests come in more often than others.

  • I also find the constant transaction approving to be pretty annoying. Would love the feature to auto-approve them.

  • They auto approve when they are reconciled. You don't have to approve them if you don't want to.

    • dakinemaui That's good to know, thanks. But it still does get visually in the way with a huge bar on the top saying I have new transactions to approve (especially on my phone).

  • I agree that approving in this case kind of double up with clearing. For me, it's the clearing status that is important. Especially, since I use file-import, I rely a lot on transaction matching to set totals and dates right. If done often enough, there is no need to do it manually for utility bills etc. 
    With file-import and transaction matching, I simply need to check the cleared balance is the same in YNAB and at my bank and then either:

    • it's the same so I can delete all uncleared transactions that occurred in the past (not the currently pending ones). It happens a lot with parking fees for example as my husband sometimes change the days he rides to work or takes the bus or the kids were sick etc.
    • it's not the same, so I need to dig further in the uncleared transactions. 

    I definitely have no use for the "approve" status. I agree with dakinemaui  I never approve them, just reconcile.

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    You also select multiple transactions at once and do a bulk approve. I found that very helpful for the bunches of transactions that post on the same day for me.

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