If you have decent credit, and high student loan interest rates look here.

I posted this in one of the other topic areas of the forum, but figured by posting here I could reach a broader audience of users that may be struggling with student loan debt.

I just recently refinanced my student loan. I'm not sure why it took me so long to do but it was worth it. I went from a 12% loan to a sub 4% fixed rate. It should save a good amount of money over the rest of my payoff (and give me the opportunity to more easily throw extra money at the principal.) I went through Earnest which has a pretty easy process of refinancing. After your approval they give you the tools to set your own terms. You can do variable rate or fixed rate and choose how long you want it to take to pay the rest of your loan off.

DISCLAIMER: I can't in good judgement mention extending/setting terms of a loan without giving some sort of warning. Just because they give you the options to extend your loans way out, does not mean you should. If you have a high interest rate(s) now and you're lowering them, you'll still have a cheaper payment while keeping your payoff around the same date. You should still be responsible with how lax you are with extending terms for loans. By adding a bunch of terms to your loan, you'll pay a lot more interest in the long run unnecessarily.  I don't know your situation though, so if you have to add a couple more years onto your loan to lower your payment a bit more it's ultimately your decision.

They also have a referral program where if someone you refer refinances, you get $200 and so does the person you referred. If anyone has been on the fence on refinancing their student loans check Earnest out, I wish I did earlier. I wish I was kidding when I say I've paid over $15,000 in interest on an $8,500 loan, and still have over $9,000 left.... definitely look into it if you're in a similar boat.

https://www.earnest.com/invite/miguel432 - This is my referral link, get us both some money! 

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