Help with adding rolling total Budget column

Hello -

Love YNAB functionality/interface - I just need a "rolling total" budget column (instead of resetting to 0 if overspent each month).  This would account for the addition of the monthly budgeted amount, any positive/negative transactions, and roll that positive/negative balance to the next month. I get that it is against the YNAB mentality - this is just how my brain works and needs to see this budget.  

I am wondering if anyone would be willing to help point me in how to develop (or would be willing to do this for compensation) an interface/Chrome extension/other feature that could provide this (in desktop is fine).  Thank you!     

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  • To coin an awesome metaphor, you're stepping into a minefield of canned worms.

    If you can find a copy of YNAB 4, it has this function (the "red arrow"). If not, you can do it manually by adding negative budget amounts in the following months.

    Do not do either of things these things. It's not that this method of budgeting is morally wrong or something; it totally works for some people. It's just that YNAB is a terrible tool for this type of budgeting, and no extension is going to fix that.

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  • Sky Blue Sander said:
    I get that it is against the YNAB mentality

     You answered your own question.

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  • It's kind of like asking how to use a screwdriver to hammer in nails. You could if you had to, but if you did it all the time it causes a lot of damage because the tool wasn't meant to be used that way.

    I know that the YNAB method is a huge change from other budgets, but changing how I think about budgeting drastically improved my finances. The only reason I use the YNAB software is because it is the best software to implement this method. Since you know you like the software, why not consider following YNAB's 4 rules as well?

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