Will YNAB support Apple Card?

 With the new Apple Card coming out this summer, I'm wondering if YNAB will support it? It seems like there won't be an easy way to log in and authenticate an Apple Card for third party services like YNAB. 

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  • Hi All! I'm pinning this to the top for the latest news.

    After doing a little research we found that Apple will not support exporting data from the Apple Card (check out that link for Apple's support document!), which means a direct import connection isn't in the cards right now.

    While it's always possible Apple may support data export in the future, for now Apple card transactions can only be viewed in the Wallet app on an iOS device—and that's by design. Since one of Apple Card's primary features is its unique architecture, it's possible that data aggregation may never be feasible.

    The good news is that you still can add the Apple Card to your budget as an unlinked credit card account, and enter transactions using one of our other transaction entry options. The mobile app is great for recording spending on-the-go (like gas and groceries) and Scheduled Transactions are perfect for recurring expenses (rent and utility bills).

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    • Nicole 

      An FYI from Apple regarding transaction export for Apple Card - sounds like it *is* coming after all.

      I sent an email to Tim Cook regarding Apple Card transaction export (hey, stranger things have worked before) and got this response from Eddy Cue:

      Hi Ilya,

      Thanks for your feedback. We will be adding support to export transaction data, but we don’t have a date yet.

      — Eddy

      So at least they're working on what sounds like transaction file based import.

      On a side note, I suggest everyone who would like to see an integration made possible use the chat support feature to declare your interest to Apple and GS. It won't make magic happen, but it very well may push them to allocate resources to developing the functionality if there's enough interest.

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    • Thanks for letting us know, Ilya Powder Blue Cobra ! 🙂

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  • We're closing out Bank Importing threads in the forum to make sure these issues are better resolved.

    Replies in this thread have been turned off, but if you’re having trouble with your bank, please fill out this form and our Direct Import team will help you get things back up and running!

  • Fell for the hype? That was quick.

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  • At this time,  we aren't sure if  Direct Import partner will be able to support it, but it likely won't be right away and will get added based on the demand. The card will be issued (from what we've read and know) by Goldman Sachs, and we do support a few of the GS platforms. In order for our Direct Import partner to support it, however, the card issuer will have to have the platform set out so our Direct Import partner can know what data is located where and build out the system to call for the correct data and interpret the data.

    The best thing to do is always take a moment to suggest it in the app, if you haven’t already!


    When we’re ready to start exploring support for new financial institutions, we'll share this information with our Direct Import partner—we just can't guarantee if/when a bank might be added. 

    I'll keep you posted if we hear anything! 

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      • Bakari
      • Bakari45
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      Chrissy I hope it gets added. So far I like the features the Card app, but I do realize that Apple sometimes oversells it products and services, and there’s many things they don’t reveal until the product or service is released. 

  • Hope they are added as a Direct Import partner. Apple just released the onboarding video for the Apple Card. Will probably come out soon. Hope YNAB has day one support! https://9to5mac.com/2019/08/05/apple-card-onboarding/

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    • Hi Gold Falcon !

      We can't make any promises, but you can suggest the Apple Card for direct import in the app, if you haven’t already! Direct Import may not be available as soon as the card is launched, but you can still manually enter transactions if you decide to use the account. Apple should also make transaction files available so that File-Based Importing is an option. :)

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    • Gold Falcon Would love this! I hope Apple and Goldman Sachs allows for direct import. Until then im manually track purchases and enter them into YNAB.

    • Tulliandar that’s unfortunate. Looks like I’ll stick to using my Chase Sapphire Reserve. 

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  • I got it today, I'll still use it, it's just a bummer.

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  • I as well applied and got one today, but I will have to follow the link to add to the suggested features. Hopefully there will be a way one day. Until then, I guess I'll just manage as an Unlinked Account.

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  • Hi all,

    It looks like direct import won't be available immediately for the Apple Card. However, there are other options to make entering those transactions a bit easier, such as scheduled transactions for recurring expenses (rent and utility bills) and the mobile app for recording spending on-the-go (gas and groceries).

    We're not sure yet if File-Based Importing will be available (I didn't see CSV exports ruled out in the article), but hopefully it will become available at some point if not initially. :)

  • Disappointing but not surprising.  Apple loves their walled gardens.  I hope they'll at least realize that not everyone wants to manage their financial data exclusively from a mobile device.

    Got the card and set it as default for Apple Pay for now.  Tracking it as unlinked in YNAB; I'll see how the user experience in iOS is.  Good chance I will end up using it only for the 3% cash back from Apple, and switch back to my 2% PenFed Power Cash for everything else.

  • So we should likely be pressing GS for this, correct?

    • Hi Slate Blue Screwdiver ! 

      If you'd like, you can let them know you'd like easier access to your transaction data in general. Though, so far—it looks like that is unavailable intentionally (via file or direct connections) for this particular card.

  • It’s more likely that Apple will support some kind of on device export or share with other iOS apps which would work if YNAB had some kind of local import via protocol handler or something else.

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  • I’ve got the card now but lack of integration with YNAB basically means I won’t be using it. 3% on Uber and Apple products may be worth the manual entry though. 

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