referral code?

Hello, how can I get a referral code?

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    If you're asking how to receive a referral code that gives you/the referrer an extra month free, you're welcome to use mine, or anyone else's who comments: . You can likely also find referral codes online via a Google search. I know the YNAB subreddit on Reddit occasionally has a topic with referral codes that can be used.

    If you want to know how to provide a referral link to someone else (and have subscribed through the website, not through iTunes), there should be a "Share YNAB. Get YNAB Free" link in the bottom left corner of your screen when you're logged into YNAB, right above your email address. Click on it, and you should get taken to , which gives you sharing options and the link you'll need to provide to the person you want to refer.

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    • Gold Moose Just to pull out some important points here - you'll need to have already subscribed directly through YNAB (not iTunes) and access your account through the web app (not the mobile app) in order to see your referral code.

  • I find that I never give my referral code because there are so many 3-month trials out there. I’d rather someone get a 3-month trial than I get a free month but they only get two months. 

    OP, google 3-month YNAB trial if you’re looking for a longer trial, or get on Facebook or Reddit. 

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    • WordTenor We're usually pretty nice about trial extensions. If you want to start giving out your referral code, just have your referee email us about an extension! :)

      (I know that's an extra step, so feel free to ignore me here!)

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