Migrated from YNAB4 but want to start fresh budget with the some ofthe balances of YNAB4



   I just migrated from YNAB 4. I want to start a fresh budget in YNAB .

But in YNAB4 I already accumulated some balance in some categories. 


I want those balance back in the Avalaible of the  fresh start in the new YNAB.

How can I do that  ?



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    Even though it isn't recommended, and in fact discouraged, I believe you can do this by adjusting your start date.  Just set it to the date you want your budget to start, then all transactions since that date will be imported.  And if you don't like the results you can always do another fresh start.  

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    Set up the new starting balances in the Fresh Start and then budget the money into your categories to match YNAB4.

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     Another option is instead of starting an entirely new budget,  simply release all the money that you have accumulated back into TBB using the “ set available amounts to zero” option in the inspector.  Then budget that was saved up categories first, and then go through the rest of your budget as normal. 

  • Hi Slate Blue Vacuum !

    Once you create your Fresh Start, you can link your accounts and your funds will appear in To Be Budgeted. You can budget those funds to your different categories to match what they were in YNAB 4, so that you have those same balances.

    If that gives you any trouble, please let me know! :)

  • Thanks for all the response,   I will start fresh and assign the amount I had accumulated from Ynab4.

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