Anyone else get frustrated with the screen layout on smaller laptops?

I use YNAB (and love it) on a Macbook 12in but it frustrates me that so much of the screen real estate seems to be wasted.  The righthand column has type so big I could read it from across the street (seems like overkill to me) and I really don't find it useful.  The  real work is done in the register in the middle so that should be maximized, as it stands it gets about 25% of the screen.  Best case scenario would be to let me close it(the righthand column) altogether or make the columns adjustable.  Ok, enough griping.  

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  • Install the Toolkit Extension. It adds the polish that stock YNAB should have, including a resizeable Inspector.

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  • Besides running balance, that's probably the best thing about the Toolkit.  I resized and made everything much more compact and clean.  I love it, I can see SO much more.  Fiddle with the settings for each part of the screen until it all looks good.

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      Annieland The very best thing about Toolkit is the alerting when stealing from the future! :-)

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      CallMeCat Uh oh, you caught me.  I rarely enable that feature 😱.  :)

  • Where do I go about doing that?

  • Doh!  I found it

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