YNAB Toolkit - Green Bars

With the latest update of the YNAB Toolkit, all the goals category entries on the budget page now display the entire line as green (instead of white background with just the check mark next to the available amount) . This happens for the targets  'M', 'T', 'M U',  the new 'S' goals appear to have the standard background color.  Is this a new feature? Hopefully, it is just an 'oops' that inadvertently slipped in with today's Toolkit code release... It's distracting and I would like to turn it off if possible. Thank you.

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  • Hi CallMeCat !

    When we release updates, it can impact features offered by the Toolkit, and they need time to make updates on their end. In the meantime, you can use YNAB without the extension by disabling it or using an Incognito/Private window instead.

    If you're still experiencing this issue in an Incognito window, though, let me know! A quick screenshot of what you're seeing could help us get to the bottom of things! :)

  • Hi Faness,

    Yes when Toolkit is disabled the green lines disappear. Attached is a screenshot of a 'Test Budget' but it conveys the idea accurately. 

  • So nevermind...user error. I inadvertently checked the 'goals progress bar' option in Toolkit. All better now   

    • CallMeCat Ah, thank you for updating this thread! I missed your last comment, but I'm happy you were able to find the culprit! :)

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