How to pay down orange $8 overpayment alert?

I am new to the nYNAB way of handling credit cards andcould use some guidance.

My credit card scheduled minimum amount due just got paid, and I went online to check my balance to find a last minute (legitimate) charge that I was not expecting. YNAB has just downloaded this recent transaction and my YNAB card account now shows an overspending of $8.00. I expected that I could make an additional payment ($10) to erase this overspending, however this payment is not erasing the $8 overspending alert. How do I add a transaction/payment to get rid of this orange balloon? Or does the alert remain even after covering the overspending (--by design)?

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  • the payment is cash to card.  The overspend is in your budget category.  Put $8 into the budget line for the category.  

  • Hi King. I probably did something wrong, but can't figure out what. After the $8 charge posted to the credit card, I placed an extra $8 in the spending category and then an extra $10 in the credit card payment category to cover my extra make-up payment (+ an extra $2 for good measure). Neither budget entry changes the $8 overspending alert in my credit card.  I'm still stumped here. 🤔

  • Not sure if this helps but I have a series of screenshots to look at. FYI, The scheduled payment was for $289.

    Long version of the story:

    Being the OD protection account linked to a checking account with a $0 balance (in process of closing checking acct out), I incurred an $8 fee in the checking account for said low balance, whereby the bank so helpfully swept $8 from the credit card to cover the fee on the checking account. So in actuality the $8 line on the credit card is a funds transfer to the checking account, and the checking account is where the actual budget expense occurred. Either way, I added $8 to my "Interest & Bank Fees" category and $10 to my LaCap Visa credit card payment budget category. 

    1. This is the credit card info in the budget pop-up window...

    2. Here is the "interest + Banking" budget line with $8 added...

    3.  Here are the checking account line entries...

     4. and here are the credit card line entries...


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      • Been waiting 5 years for the Stealing From the Future fix...
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      Orchid Panther You haven't shown in your screen shots that you adjusted your budget.

      When you transfered the $8 from CC to bank account, it added $8 to your TBB. That should have been budgeted to your CC payment category if your intent was to pay the card back. What did you do with that $8?

      But then you also sent a $10 payment. You would have needed at least $10 in the CC Payment Available amount to make the $10 payment.

  • nolesrule is correct.  When the bank did the $8 transfer from CC to Checking, $8 would have been added to TBB. It would have been seen as a cash advance.  

    1. Added $8 to interest and fees budget from TBB

    2. Add $10 to LACap Visa budget from somewhere else

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  • I'm trying to figure this out still:

    1. I did enter the initial checking account $8 low balance service charge as a Interest and Bank Fees category expense. 
    2. When I transferred $8 from C to bank account, YNAB added $8 to TBB. 
    3. I then assigned that $8 TBB to my LaCap visa Credit Card Payments expense category. 
    4. And I assigned $10 TBB to my LaCap visa credit card payments expense category too.  (Along with the already scheduled repeating $289 payment)

    Here is a screenshot of the credit card register, showing Orange and Green highlights for the Overpayment and the Payment ($8 for both indicated)


    I must have missed a step in your explanations?

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      • Been waiting 5 years for the Stealing From the Future fix...
      • nolesrule
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      Orchid Panther Try moving the $8 from the CC payment category to the Interest and Fees category and see if it clears things up.

  • Alas, no progress; moving $8 from CC payment to interest & fees didn't resolve the "overspending" alert. For testing purposes, I created a new visa account and observe the following:

    There are different actions that will trigger this non-removable overspending alert:

    Normal expense category spending actions (#1 below) allows the orange overspending alert to be removed by paying the overspending amount. However in money transfers actions (#2 below), payments do not remove the overspending alert. I expect that this is occurring because there really isn't an expense category line to budget money transfers in, and budgeting for this transfer in the Credit Card Payments category of the budget will only remove the green payment alert button but not the orange overspending alert button. Essentially there isn't a budget window category showing to budget for the overspending OD transfer entry, only for the subsequent balance payment transfer entry, thus I find no way to "budget" for the initial overspending money transfer (OD) action. 


    1. adding a normal groceries expense transaction covered by the new credit card creates the expected overspending alert, and on the budget screen I see the expected addition of an expense to the groceries category; then by adding the amount to cover the groceries expense, the overspending alert in the new credit card screen goes away. 

    2. adding an OD funds transfer transaction from the new credit card to a checking account creates the same orange overspending alert and green payment alert in the new credit card screen. And paying the new balance in full for the new credit card only eliminates the green payment alert, but the orange overspending alert remains

    I am still stumped here. 

    • Hi Orchid Panther !

      Sorry for the confusion here! Transfers from a credit card to a cash account are considered cash advances. They can't be budgeted for and will always appear as overspending. As long as you budget for the amount in the credit card category directly so that there's enough to pay the amount off, you can ignore the overspending warning - it's YNAB's way of telling you the amount not covered by your budgeting. As long as you cover it, there's no need to worry. :)

  • Hi Faness , and thanks for clearing this up for me. I’m absolutely peachy  with an overspending alert remaining there as a reminder, now that I understand it. I’ll mark it as ansewered now. 

    And thanks to King  and nolesrule for your help here too!

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