New & have question re: extra money at end of month.

Hi, loving YNAB so far. I have a set amount of money transferred to a savings account automatically, but I also want to move all leftover (unspent) money at the end of each month to savings. I'm not sure how best to do that in YNAB. 

Do I need to go through each category with money remaining at the end of the month and move it to savings? I haven't completed a whole month yet so I don't know how things roll over. I wish there was like a one-click way to move all remaining available funds to one category - is there? 


Any advice much appreciated!

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  • Moving money from your checking account to your savings account is a different kettle of fish from moving money out of a category. As far as the budget is concerned, money is "saved" when you assign it to a category and then don't spend it. The two actions are not linked in YNAB.

    That being said, to sweep out a category at the end of the month, click on the Green Available balance and the Move Money tool will open up and you just tell it what category to move the funds to via the drop down menu.

  • To clarify, money left in a category rolls from one month to the next, it's in that category until you spend it or move it somewhere else. That's how budgeting $20 a month builds up to cover that $240 annual bill, for example.

    So, you probably have some categories you don't want to sweep clean monthly and  some you do. Lots of people sweep discretionary spending categories, others let them build to a cap they set, or build up indefinitely, there's no right or wrong answer.

  • The easiest thing to do if you have a lot of categories you want set back to zero is to select them all, then scroll down on the right hand panel under Quick Budget and click Set Available Amount to $0.00. I have entire Category Groups I do that with at the end of the month and it makes it really quick. It puts everything back into To Be Budgeted, then you can budget that back into the savings category in one go.

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  • Thanks, guys! Good learning from each reply. I think for my purposes, I will select the categories that I want to set back to zero and then do the Set Available Amount to $0.00 as Aritavashkai explained. I will only have to remember what amount is already in "To Be Budgeted" so I can subtract the leftover funds. 

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      Lavender Trombone A couple ways to do that would be to budget the To Be Budgeted down to zero before you sweep the other accounts out OR put the TBB in it's own account temporarily before you sweep the others out. I personally always immediately put all TBB I'm not immediately using straight into a "Next Month's To Be Budgeted" category so it doesn't get mixed up with money I want to move around until it's time. Sometimes I take it out before the next month as necessary, but it's in a safe holding place in the meantime.

  • Ah, yes, I could move the To Be Budgeted money to one category temporarily & that would solve it. I like the "Next Month's To Be Budgeted" category you use & think I'll do the same - thanks!

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