Announcements 📣

January 1st, 2018


  • We recently added a Community Challenges category to the Community Discussions section! The New Year has just arrived, so fill that thang up with your loftiest ambitions for 2018 and beyond!
  • Our teammate George (YNAB developer and wordsmith extraordinaire) writes the best updates. We wanted to save you some extra clicks to get there, so you can now view our YNAB Release Notes from within the forum. It is choice reading material for a cozy evening by the fire ☕️


  • Have you ever seen a post in the Bugs section and thought, “Hey, that’s not a bug, that’s just user confusion/expected behavior/YNAB magic!” And then you went to reply and — womp womp — no dice.  Well, those days are over. You can now reply to open Bug topics.
  • We scaled our software’s language filter way, way back. No more having your post caught in pending status because you used the word “screwed.” As in, “I screwed up my budget today.” 🙄
  • Have you noticed the Reporting feature? If you see a post containing hateful language, a personal attack, profanity, or personal information, you can click the three dots in the upper right corner and report it to us. This flags the post so our team is alerted right away. 

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