Calculator for split transactions

Hey!  I like  nYNAB but really miss the ability to calculate totals on a split transaction.  I am using the one in the budget side and it works fine.   It's a pain to break out a calc for this simple task vs just being able to type "44+55+2" etc.  Is this coming??

Thank you,

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  • Hi Green Pilot !

    At this time, in-line calculations are available only in the Budget, not in your account registers. When entering a split transaction, YNAB will tell you how much of the total is left to be assigned to each category in your split, but I understand that's not a true calculator.

    Knowing you're missing this feature is important as we continue to improve the new YNAB. I'll pass this along to our development team as a feature request! :)

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    • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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    To be honest I find it a bit ridiculous they haven't managed to add calculators to all cells that could use it. It's not exactly difficult nor resource intensive. They could easily use an out of the box javascript solution.

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  • I also find the lack of this feature frustrating

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  • Add my vote for a calculator in all cells like we had in YNAB4. I need to split most of my receipts in my Business Budget into whatever expense it is plus the provincial sales tax, and put the GST (our federal sales tax) into a separate category, which requires multiplication/division not often shown the way I need it to on the receipt.

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  • BUMP and Plus 1 this.  It would be good to have a calculator integrated in the split function.  It would also be good.  Also a split rest (aka: taxes) over to the splitted transactions.  Like I have a 115$ transaction with category A of $20, cat B with 30$, cat C of $50 so the $15 being taxes could be split evenly (20%, 30%, 50% respectively).  I remember the Microsoft Money days, that was great!

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  • and me, so frustrating not being able enter


    amount * 1.2 =


    Very odd for a numbers program not to be able to calculate. 

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  • +2 if it’s an RPN calculator, although that’s much less mainstream.. a setting?

    It’s annoying and a waste of time to switch between apps to do calculations.

  • +1 for this feature, but what I'm really missing is the autodistribute the remainder of the split (for sales tax) like it was in YNAB 4. PLEASE.

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  • +1 for both in the calculator itself and the old auto-distribute remainder functionality.

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  • Ditto to everything here... especially the why not when it's as easy as an out of the box coding? Too much holiday time for the coders? :D

  • Update for everyone here! If you haven't logged in to your budget in the last 24 hours, calculations are now available in the register! Rejoice! 🎉 

  • Great news, it seems to work ok!

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  • Woohoo!  Used it yesterday and it worked well.  Thanks for listening YNAB!

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  • To be clear, the auto-distribute the remainder function in a split was not added to the update. Would still like to have the function put back in, the way it was in YNAB4. 

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  • I would very much like to have the auto-distribute

  • Add me to the list supporting this feature.

  • +1 for auto-distribute.

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