Time for Annual Renewal...Lets see what I paid for in 2020

So YNAB went SaaS a few years back. For users, this is supposed to mean continuous development of the product. Otherwise, it just would just mean you are being forced to keep re-paying for something that you already paid for. 

So lets review what features YNAB delivered in 2020...

  • Sign In with Apple
  • Weekly and Repeating Goals
  • Resizable Sidebar
  • Themes (3 only)
  • Pending Transactions (US only)
  • OAuth for direct import (US only)

Lets be honest, that's not a lot. Two items there are really just implementing someone else's API, two others are really nothing more than CSS tweaks (one of which was already available via 'Toolkit for YNAB'), and another two items are not even available to users outside the US. 

I have to ask, where is our subscription money going then? Because it does not seem to be in to the product. For years, people have been asking for direct import outside the US...and nothing. For years, people have been asking for a fix to the stealing from the future issue...and nothing. And how about multicurrency support? Or multiuser support? And on and on.

Users keep asking over and over for improvements, and all that came in 2020 was mainly some CSS tweaks and different ways to login.

So what exactly am I paying for this year?

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  • Forest Green Stallion said:
    Otherwise, it just would just mean you are being forced to keep re-paying for something that you already paid for. 

    Not quite.  You are paying for YNAB to safeguard your information and allow you to access it from anywhere there is internet. Also, by definition of the SaaS model, you have not already paid for it. It is an ongoing maintenance cost. If you stop paying, you no longer have access to your data on the web or the YNAB software. You will need to find an alternative budgeting solution. Have you found one that comes close to competing with YNAB? How much money have you saved over the year due to the YNAB system? Factor that in.

    Hey, I agree that development of new features is slower than molasses. But what you stated is just not true.

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  • I also would like to say that YNAB seems to see itself as a company providing education on money management as well. They have software that enables us to apply their method. So you pay for both the software and the education material.  You may not need the education but it is part of the package. And they have done big reviews of their education materials over the year.

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    • Abby
    • Toolkit for YNAB Designer & Developer
    • abbydawn
    • 19 hrs ago
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    Additions to your list:

    -- Data security, data hosting / maintenance costs
    -- Consistent support if you ever needed it
    -- Continued improvement to educational materials: documentation, workshops, videos, podcast, etc.
    -- Consistent improvements and support of transaction import (I'm guessing a LOT happens behind the scenes here). Recent comments about transaction import for Europe imply to me that this was likely being worked on in 2020, even if it's still a ways away due to legal hoops that have to be jumped through.
    -- Web app bugfixes throughout the year
    -- Mobile app improvements and bugfixes (screen rotation, split screen on iOS, for example)
    -- YNAB for Good program (https://www.youneedabudget.com/good/)
    -- Whatever future features are currently being worked on/tested internally but simply haven't been released yet.

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      • Budget_NC
      • Tomato_Snow_237e7f17927
      • 18 hrs ago
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      Abby Thank you for sharing the information about the YNAB for Good program.  I was not aware of that program and know of a local organization that could benefit from it.

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