Credit Card as EDC in new YNAB

Hey all, first post here. Been using YNAB for a couple years now and it’s helped a ton. A friend recently started using it in January and is having a bit of trouble. She uses a CC to pay for most things, then pays the statement balance in full each month. Trouble is she started YNAB in early January but the statement period on the CC is 12/15 to 1/15 so her February payment exceeded the amount reflected in YNAB. Does this make sense? It’s hard for me to explain. Now it’s showing that she paid more than was budgeted even though it’s what she owed. How do you correct this?


thanks in advance 

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  • When one begins YNAB with a card which is intended to be paid in full, essentially, part of the cash the person has is earmarked in their head for that future credit card payment which is coming. If you owe $1000 on a card you intend to pay when it comes due, you have given $1000 the job of "pay the card back when it's due." So the first thing a person who pays their card in full needs to do is budget for every cent which is already charged on the card. If she did not do that, she can do that at anytime retroactively by moving money to make the credit card payment category equal to the full working balance of the card. 

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