Hey - Can we look to bring some additional functionality to the reports screen? I usually end up exporting my transactions and pivoting in excel to see whats been going on over the past month. 

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  • I’m not with YNAB but what sorts of reports or graphs are you producing in Excel? Would be curious to know !

  • Hi Gray Rain !

    We do have plans to take a closer look at Report features, but that's not on our short term roadmap.

    You can submit a Feature Request to let our Product Team know exactly what you'd like to see brought to reports! :)

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  • How do you export your transactions? I was looking to do that but couldn't figure it out. I see how to export categories but not all transactions. 

    • Hi That Mike Guy !

      When you use the Export Budget Data option, there will be two files downloaded - one is the budget and the other is the register, which contains all of the transactions. 

      When you have a moment, click on the name of your budget in the upper left corner and choose the Export Budget data option, then open both files that download. 

      Give that a try and let me know if you still have questions! :)

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    • Faness Okay. That works. I was looking in Reports and in the individual Accounts for that option. Thanks!

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  • What do you guys think of having these numbers in the YNAB reports?


    • Byrrus This is a really cool idea! Would you be up for submitting it to our Product team as a request? 

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      Byrrus That would be cool, especially if it was a line chart with time on the X axis and red, yellow, green lines across it  showing ideal values, or enable us to set our own target values.

  • I think more reports would be great! I actually created one using YNAB's API. Its a heatmap report that allows you to get a bird's eye view of your budget to see interesting trends. If you to check it out, its available at

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