Out smarted myself????

I was checking that the money I have in my budget is supported by money in my bank.

I keep bank accounts for Day to Day and Savings for rainy day plus a credit card which I  use but pay back to  $0 every month.(Yay YNAB!)

Now to put in relatively round figures - the cents are to prove a point.

  • My reconciled cash accounts - money in the bank - add up to say $9,000.70
  • YNAB says I have "Total Available" of $10,300.50
  • The difference of -$1,299.80 is the exact reconciled balance on the credit card.

Am I doing something drastically wrong here or right?

Seems I'm budgeting with Credit Card money?

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  • When adding the total of your accounts you need to add up all positive balances. Is that what you did?

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  • The total available is the total of all your cash positive accounts. Credit cards are usually cash negative accounts.

    So on your budget screen this includes the amount in your cc payment category too that's set aside to make your payment. From the numbers you have given it looks like your budget is working perfectly for you :) 

  • Typically discrepancies like this are explained by overspending or misunderstanding what is cash.

    Total Available in the current month is corrupted by credit-based (yellow) overspending. It is NOT Total Cash Available, contrary to reasonable expectations. (The budget is the plan for your cash, after all.) Effectively, YNAB assumes you will pay off all debt incurred this month -- in spite of the budget categories clearly saying otherwise. I suggest you evaluate this account/budget agreement in next month's area where the impact of overspending is eliminated.

    Second, positive credit accounts are cash. (It's not like you have to pay that next purchase, right?) Add those into the account total if that is applicable. For completeness, negative cash-based accounts are still cash and reduce the account total. (This is primarily a consideration for people in overdraft.)

    The math in next month's budget area is this:

    Sum of Cash + Positive CC accounts = Total Available + To Be Budgeted + Budgeted In Future header entries

    (A negative TBB signifies missing cash and must be subtracted.)

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  • Ahhhh... thanks you all for your replies - feeling a bit silly here!

    Yes I looked at my "Budget Total" from the L/H column which is the overall total of cash accounts and the cc (-) balance.

    The actual + cash accounts do equal the "Total Available" and the CC payment category down the bottom = the CC balance.

    So all is right with the world - except for the CV19 - best wishes from Aus down under - keep safe all!

    Thanks again

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    • Green Pony glad we could help. Stay safe! 

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