here's a YNAB "app" for the macOS dock

Wishes for an actual desktop app notwithstanding, I made a little "app" that you can put in your macOS dock that opens up the YNAB web-app. Made a proper little icon for it too.

Feel free to use it if you'd like.

For the tech savvy, it's just a simple Automator application (macOS's own native utility) that with a custom icon.

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  • Nice! I created a link shortcut on my desktop, changed the icon on the link, then launched it. I then pinned it to the dock, then hid the link on my desktop. Not as slick as your .app, but if anyone doesn't want to mess with their security settings to allow non-identified developer apps, it's another option to try. 

  • Thank you for this! I just installed it and it works perfectly! So cool!!

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    • Drew glad someone is getting use out of it!

  • Drew Thank you for adding this! For those who are a little wary of downloading the file, we did come up with a work around!

    If you use the Chrome web browser and are looking for a simple way to add a YNAB icon to your dock, task bar, or desktop. Here’s how you can do that: 

    1. Log in to YNAB directly at htps:// Depending on your My Account settings, that will bring you to your Budget Dashboard or the current month of your last opened budget. 

    2. At the top right of the Chrome window, click the three vertical dots.

    3. Click More Tools.

    4. Click Create shortcut.

    5. Enter YNAB as the shortcut name, click the option to Open  and click Create.

    This will set YNAB up as a Chrome app in the Chrome Apps folder, which you can then add to your desktop, and move around on your Dock (on macOS), or task bar (on Windows). 

    Note that you’ll still need an internet connection to be able to use YNAB, since the web app is not able to run offline. 

  • Just offering another alternative to create a dedicated YNAB app on Mac OS. There is a small cost though! Two apps from BZG do this beautifully - CoherenceX (if you use the Toolkit extension) otherwise Unite 4. Here is a link:

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