Upcoming Changes to Direct Import

Hello YNABers! :)

I hope this announcement finds you safe and healthy!

In the coming days, we’ll be making a few changes to Direct Import. This will impact bank connections for some YNABers, so we wanted to give a quick outline of what’s happening and what’s to be expected.

Quovo, our primary direct import partner, was acquired by an industry-leader, Plaid. Starting this week, some YNABers will see a notification in YNAB asking to update the bank connections. For the most part, this will be like the first time you linked your accounts, and you’ll see an in-app message with some extra (hopefully helpful!) prompts to walk you through it. 

We’re hoping to give you some time to make this transition, so your existing connections will continue to import transactions until May 21st. After May 21st, transaction imports will be paused until you update. Once you receive the notification to update, other actions like adding a new connection, and editing an existing connection, will require you to update. 

These changes won’t apply to all YNABers, but we wanted to make an announcement about it so you know this is expected and how to reach our support team for help. If you have any trouble with these changes, please fill out the Direct Import form and our team will help you get things on track!

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  • So 6 months down the line since Plaid and still no Direct Import for EU subscribers!     Direct Import was promoted as a benefit of moving to subscription well over a year ago and this is still not delivered.  No discount has been offered nor any credible explanation of why @YNAB  is still failing to deliver.   You even rub salt in the wound by directing your customers to a 3rd party paid for service - which is however excellent, provided by @syncforynab a one man part time operation. 

    Where is Direct Import for the EU  on the product roadmap?   When will it be made available?  Not interested in platitudes or vagueness  as there are no regulatory or legitimate technical issues  for  non delivery. 

    Failing the above, just come clean that a commercial decision has been taken to downgrade the service to your non North American customer base. 

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    • Hi Tomato Colt !

      I'm sure you've seen Todd's responses above, but I wanted to link to this one in particular. As he mentions, we aren't sure of the future for international direct import. While it is something we want to provide and have spent time and resources looking into, we still don't have a definitive answer. We haven't given up here, but I can't offer you any updates at this time.

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