American Express - Multiple cards, just want one to sync

I have a business and use the AmEx card for 6 different people - it's one account with sub cards under it.  One of those is my personal spending card.  I hooked the account up, but it brings in my total amount due for all the cards combined.  How do I just bring in ONE sub account/card... they all have different numbers. 

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  • AMEX is one account with different users. The bill comes as one total amount due, I assume. The best option I know of would be to have an unlinked AMEX account that you use and type in the personal transactions.   When you pay the bill enter a manual transaction of outflow for your personal portion.  If you have a second budget for your business expenses, you can link the AMEX account and have a Personal Category that receives the income from your personal budget. 

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  • Hi Purple Octopus !

    Every Penny Counts is exactly right. There isn't a way to make that Amex account only import transactions from one specific card. I have a joint account with my husband and both of our transactions import, as we're both under the same account. 

    If you choose not to enter the transactions from the other cards, or delete the ones that aren't yours, keep in mind that your account balance in YNAB won't match the actual Amex account. When reconciling, you'd need to compare the account balance in YNAB to just the transactions in Amex that you created.

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