Not adding up?!?

Started 5/1. Broke the rule of giving every dollar a job. Just wanted to start, and figured I would get to that shortly. Here we are 6 weeks in and I have 6700 to be budgeted after paying all bills and true expenses through ynab, but only 3800 in checking, and I've budgeted money already for xmas/vacation/ car maintenance/clothing, that should be extra money in there too. I've put $150 in savings over and above the checking, but everything doesn't add up.


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  • Budget enough to set any red categories to $0 Available. (There's a quick-budget button for that.)

    If you have a credit card, consider that paid-in-full status means the associated category (Credit Card Payments group) has an Available amount that matches the full CC account balance.

    If doing any of the above makes To Be Budgeted red, move funds from lower priority green categories to fix that.

  • Silver Stallion said:
    I've put $150 in savings over and above the checking

    That $150 is also in the budget. The budget only cares about purpose and not location/account. Just like you can have $5 for a burger in your front pocket, back pocket, wallet, or purse -- the intent is still to buy a burger with it regardless of where it's located.

  • Your to be budgeted is based on all your non-credit accounts. Do you have your savings accounts on budget?

  • I have a savings, which I've put $150 into these last 6 weeks and were allocated to vacation. I just didn't put in there unallocated. I have tons of categories and I have allocated (given a job) to all the categories so that I am paid to date. I do not have the savings account in the budget, but we're talking about $150 dollars. I understand that needs to be in there too. I just don't understand how I have $6k+ that it says to give a job to and I have only $3800 in checking and $150 paid into savings. And where does what I have allocated (given a job to) vacation/xmas/car maintenance/clothing? Take a look at pics please.

  • Silver Stallion said:
    I just don't understand how I have $6k+ that it says to give a job to and I have only $3800 in checking

    Outside of covering cash/red overspending from the previous month, To Be Budgeted (TBB) only decreases when you assign those dollars a job. Spending money out of your checking account does not reduce TBB. Instead, that spending reduces the Available amount in various categories.

  • Without being able to see the entire budget, it's difficult to say, but I'm certain there is at least $10290.64 of cash in the YNAB budget accounts (possibly more if you have any credit overspending). If your checking account in YNAB is only $3800, there's another $6.5k in some other budget account(s).

    Do you have any credit card accounts with positive account balances? (If you owe them money, the account should be negative.)

    Another thought, when you're talking about that $3800, is that in the real world checking or YNAB checking, and does the YNAB account balance match what's in the real world?

  • Yes, the $3800 is real world checking account. It is fully reconciled with ynab checking account.

    I understand TBB only decrease when you give it a job. I assume that is what I am doing when I fund the underfunded. So everything in the budgeted column are funded that have been given a job, and are subtracted from TBB.

    I have not set up my credit cards to show all the credit card purchases, just as a payment at this point.

    Okay, just looked at one of the credit card accounts. I didn't start them off entering balances. Too many cards, too much work to start this program with. If I had to do, probably never would have started. I took a pic of my Discover Card in ynab. I see where it says $0 cleared balance plus $400 uncleared balance (which is two $200 payments I made) = $400 working balance. If I add up all the working balances, is this why the numbers don't add up? If so, do I have to treat each of these CC's as a checking account and balance each? Is there a simple way to do this without going crazy - I have a lot of credit cards.

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      Silver Stallion In each of your CC accounts, press the Reconcile button and enter the real cleared balance of the account. Let YNAB put in an adjustment transaction. Then on the budget side, budget to the CC payment categories to bring the Available on each card = - CC balance if they are all paid in full.

      The only other way is to remove the CC accounts from YNAB but I'd assume with so many CC, most of your spending is on credit cards and that would render YNAB useless.

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    • Silver Stallion The budget will not make sense unless your accounts agree with the real world. You have to reconcile every account. Do that, and then see how the budget shakes out.

      Yes, ALL your spending needs to be entered (as transactions) and categorized. Import can help with that, but there will always be a delay using that as the primary entry method.

      Credit cards you're using should have accounts in YNAB. This let's you enter spending done with a credit card.

      Cards you're only paying down probably should not have an account. (Just treat the payment like any other bill.)

  • so, I deleted all the CC accounts for now and made them as bills. Numbers add up better, for now. I know long term, I should have them as separate accounts, but that is overwhelming for now, especially since paying down most of them, so I'll treat them as a regular bill.

    Thanks for the help!

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    • Silver Stallion If you can consolidate your spending to just one card, you'll only have to keep up with spending on it and can pay down debt clearly on the others. Just a thought. 

      One of the main benefits of YNAB is that you look at the budget category before making a purchase. Without tracking purchases in real time, you're two degrees removed from knowing if you can afford something in your current budget, or if you need to review priorities and adjust the plan to make the purchase happen.

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