Red TBB after entering CC transaction

Hi friends, 

My credit card is set up on budget. I paid off my card as I do weekly. My card should have a negative balance of $85.56 in YNAB but it has a positive balance. I tried to reconcile and do an adjustment but when I input the adjustment, it turns my TBB negative. 

Also, when I enter to CC transactions now. The transaction pulls from the category it belongs to and then puts that payment into my cc category as it should and then my TBB goes negative with that amount. 

WHAT the heck did I do? 

I really need to track this card because we use it for everything and I have no idea what I did.

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  • You need to reconcile it so it had the correct negative balance. This will take money from tbb because when your card was positive money was added to your tbb artificially. 

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    • satcook Ok so I do need to "pay off" that negative number than in this case? I think that's how I understand this. That's what I did just now and everything is in the green again and it appears to be working once again. 

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      Alice Blue Piccolo I’m not sure how you ‘paid it off’. You need to unbudget some money so your tbb is $0

  • Always start by making accounts accurate / agree with the real world. Only after that should you deal with the budget, 1) eliminating any red then 2) making sure the most important expenses are on track.

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  • Hi Alice Blue Piccolo !

    When you reconciled the account, did you let YNAB enter a balance adjustment instead of finding the cause of the discrepancy? If you can find the missing or incorrect transaction that caused the balance to be off, addressing that could prevent the To Be Budgeted issue - when a balance adjustment is entered, it isn't applied to any of your spending categories so the funds are pulled from TTB, finding the missing transaction and categorizing it to the correct spending category will have a different effect on your budget. :)

    When you have a moment, review your register for:

    • Transactions that have cleared the bank but have a gray C next to them. This is more important than you might think! Since reconciliation looks at your cleared balance, we want to make sure there aren't any mislabeled uncleared transactions throwing things off.
    • Missing transactions that need to be entered or imported
    • Transactions you entered or imported that have the wrong amount (maybe inverted, 0.34 instead of 0.43, for example)
    • Duplicate transactions
    • An incorrect starting balance

    If you can't find the missing/incorrect transaction, you can stick with the balance adjustment but you'll need to manually move money from your other categories to bring your TBB back to a positive amount.

  • So I'll slowly go back and double-check all of my transactions for the credit card. But that last suggestion is what I ended up doing. I'm glad I got confirmation that it was ok to do it that way! Thank you so much. 

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