All reimbursements come back in a one lump

I want to add reimbursement inflow back to the categories it came from.

But my reimbursements all come back in one lump. So there may be several different categories of expenses in one reimbursement inflow.

How, then can I do that? What seems semi-intuitive is that one ought to manually split that inflow item into several sub-inflow items, differentiated to their respective categories. That makes some sense considering how YNAB works, but it does not make sense considering how tedious and laborious that is. YNAB is such a developed system for budget, there's gotta be a better-thought-out method than that... right?

What I've *been* doing is neither recommended approach. I created a separate category called "reimbursable expenses". When I pay for something reimbursable, I categorize it there. When I get reimbursement inflow back, I put it there, too. And that has NOT worked. I think... I'm pretty sure it hasn't. I can't tell, actually. What would it look like if it "worked"?

I'd appreciate help with any and all of the above.

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  • How about just categorize the lump sum to To Be Budgeted and then redistribute the funds from there to the right categories? Just spitballing here. I don't deal with reimbursables too much.

  • You can split the incoming reimbursement to more than one category, if you need to persist in repaying numerous categories from one lump reimbursement.  Instead of selecting Inflow: TBB or one specific category, select the split category.

    I think that method sounds a little prone to error and tedious as well. I'm also having trouble imagining a situation in which I would record reimbursable expenses to numerous categories. Is this a roommate situation?  If yes, I would likely go with either a household account method or treat the inflow as income and budget the funds to the shared categories.

    I use a single pre-funded reimbursable category for all purchases made for others, but I use separate tracking accounts to keep all my various expenses, future claims, and loans to others all straight.  An errand for my mom, a purchase for the office, a bill for my social group would all be categorized to my reimbursable category, but each entry as a transfer to specific/separate tracking account. That way I can keep those purchases from inflating my average purchasing/budgeting, and I can see from my YNAB screen how much mom owes me for errands, how much I can claim from my employer for expenses, and how much I should submit to my social group treasurer for repayment.

  • I would have put the original *outflows* under a dedicated reimbursement category. This consolidates what is owed, and the inflow is then categorized to that single category.

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    My first question is what you plan to do with that information. Are you checking to ensure that you are reimbursed for everything you should be? Is there tax reporting that you want to be able to do? Or, do you just feel like you should be tracking all of it? The answers will guide you to the right solution.

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