Left Over "To Be Budgeted" suddenly appears!

Hi hi! 

I am hoping someone can help me solve this mystery! I am 3 months into budgeting, and thought I finally had the hang of things - when I reconciled this month - $1900 suddenly appeared in my June "To be Budgeted" but when I go to July to try and allocate it - "To be budgeted" shows as Zero. 😬

Even more confusing is that when I try to allocate money in the June TBB (to be budgeted) to a category IN JUNE - it shows July as over spent?? 

anyone have any tips on: 

1. Where the $1900 suddenly came from for June TBB

2. Why it shows over spent in july if I try to allocate it? 

I like to have things buttoned up and I enter in expenses daily, so I am not sure where I went wrong!! 

Thank you! 

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  • That doesn't sound right?  My best guess would be it should not be there.  Have you tried using the undo button until things go back to where they were?  Other than that, I would recommend contacting support.  

  • When you reconciled did you have to create a reconciliation adjustment? Or any new income transactions entered as part of the reconciliation process?

  • Is your June CC category perhaps overspent by $1900? 

    Or are there other categories overspent in June with cash (red)?

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  • Mullen Madhouse said:
    Why it shows over spent in july if I try to allocate it?

    Look at the Overspending line in July's budget header next to TBB. Is that -$1900?

  • ok, this is definitely user error somewhere... I went and checked my budgeted amounts and make sure to reset everything to be what they should be which i think was mistake number 1. I didnt know it was okay to have negative amounts in the budgeted section. 

    Anyway, when I did that - the amount to be budgeted zero'd out (cool), but then the over budgeted amount for July went in the red the EXACT amount I had left over in the "babysitting" category. 

    When i go to July to try and fix the over budget in the babysitting category, it makes the TBB appear in June. WTF am I even doing with my life... and YNAB. :-|  has anyone ever had this happen?? How can I fix this weird circular mess. 

  • I thought I would update - I emailed support who was able to help me figure out it was an August goal that was being set to negative (Taxes since we are paying this month). Thank you to everyone who replied!! 

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