Underfunded button - weird behaviour

Hi everyone,

I did a search but found no troubleshooting or similar issues. I have never used the underfunded button before but it seemed like a cool thing from reading about it on the forum, so I decided to test it out. 

When I used it, I had approximately $2400 of underfunded. I clicked it, it gave me the warning of potentially updating 48 categories. After it was done, there was still $2000 showing as underfunded on the button. Weird. Did a repeat and got nothing. So I selected all categories, tried it again, nothing. Then I tried a couple more times and then it overreacted and added way more than needed. I had more than double the needed amount (payday) so there was enough in TBB.

Luckily, I was able to go through and manually make the changes. I do have goals set. Anyway, any feedback on why it wouldn't fund everything is appreciated. 

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  • Hey Navy Blue Pegasus ! Did any of those categories have money budgeted to them when you started?

    One thing about Quick Budget is that if you have no categories selected, it will only add money to categories that don't have dollars budgeted to them. The numbers shown will reflect all the categories. Selecting all categories, then clicking Underfunded will—but I see you tried that.

    Was another button clicked possibly, instead of Underfunded? Like maybe Budgeted Last Month, to get that higher amount? If you do see odd behavior there going forward, let us know! You can enable Support Access and we'd be happy to check what's going on.

    • Nicole Thanks. Yes, almost all of the categories have money budgeted to them. It was shortfalls to the goal amounts that made up most of the underfunded. 

      Nicole said:
      Selecting all categories, then clicking Underfunded will—but I see you tried that.

        In the quote, there is nothing after will. Did you mean that if I selected all of the categories and then clicked Underfunded, it will fund all of the categories regardless of whether there are dollars budgeted there or not? 

      Nope, didn't click any other buttons because I was laser focused on the Underfunded. I will keep in mind the support if it happens again.

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