Budgets reset and transactions all uncategorized (and not imported) after opening in mobile app


I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this, or if there is a way to resolve it:

I recently opened YNAB in the mobile app (big mistake), which has never synced for me. Whenever I open in the mobile app, it's starting off from the last time I opened it (which this time was months ago) instead of syncing with all of the work I've done in the webapp. Usually I just sigh, close the mobile app, and continue with using it from my computer, but this time I went on the webapp on my computer and saw that it had synced with the mobile app - so my budgets were all rest to 0, 99+ transactions were no longer imported - pretty much reset everything as if I hadn't used it for months.

I'm pretty upset about this, as I've been using YNAB religiously for a while and am hoping I didn't lose everything from the last few months (honestly, I'm not sure how long it's been - it could have been longer). Is there a way to revert back to how it was set up a few days ago?


Edit: To add - I did just check, and I've indeed lost everything I've done for the past year. Everything is no longer categorized and is a mess :( If there is a way to undo this, I would love to hear.

Edit (again): Alright, so maybe I panicked a bit early... I decided to go into my saved Budgets and open my most recent one, and that seems to have gotten me back to a more recent state. I think the issue was that the mobile app maybe didn't sync the budget I was on, but then when I opened the webapp, it put me on whatever outdated budget the mobile app was still referring to. I switched to my most recent budget, and it seems to be back to normal!

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  • Phew! Glad my initial guess was correct. Please let us know if you need any more help getting back on track.

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