New Display Themes - Noooooooo!

I'm sure lots of people will appreciate the new themes available for YNAB, but I'm not one of them. 

AND...the "classic" theme is not the same.  All the numbers are white instead of black in the classic theme, making it harder on my 50YO eyes to quickly track my budget.

Please, please...make the classic theme the way it was!  

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  • classic seams the same to me. Are you using the toolkit? If you turn that off does classic look the same again?

  • Everything looks the same except the numbers display (see pic).  They're now white instead of black.  

  • Can confirm, classic theme uses white font in the budget.

  • Hey Casual Trooper - Thank you for sharing your feedback here!

    There was two pill color options, and one included darker text. So everybody is right! That pill option wasn't brought to the new themes, but I do think you an important point.

    If you haven't already, please let our Product Team know your thoughts. They're looking closely at all feedback on the new themes.

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      Nicole you bring up another issue...I see YNAB Support folks chime in to other concerns/complaints with a redirection to tell someone else in YNAB about the problem.  I find this to be rather customer unfriendly.  You've been informed.  You understand the problem.  Why is it the customer's responsibility at that point to inform someone else in your company?  This is not a free service, BTW.  I pay for it.  I don't consider myself a beta tester.

      I hope that doesn't come through as snarky...It's a suggestion of how YNAB could provide a better customer experience from someone in the customer experience business.  Thanks.

    • Casual Trooper I am happy to pass it on for you, and have done that! Here in the Forum, we use the form to make sure that nothing gets lost in a thread and feedback goes in to the same system as our other channels.

      Another perk is that our Product team can ask clarifying questions, or could potentially reach out to you if a change is implemented. You may prefer to send a message from in the app or to [email protected], and that's exactly how we handle it there!

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