CC Balance Transfer to Pre-YNAB account doesn't update Budget balance owning - help!

I am using the desktop version v4.3.857

I set up a Pre-YNAB account two years ago for an outstanding loan and it created a budget category that has worked well to pay down the debt.  Recently I used one of those nifty little checks my credit card company sends out that has a 0% interest rate for the next 9 months to pay-off the balance of the loan.  I entered the amount charged to my CC as a 'Transfer to loan' category and the Pre-YNAB loan account balance is now $0, however, the balance in the budget is still showing as owed.

How do I zero out the budgeted category?

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  • Is the 0% card also a budget account? If so, then you need to reallocate from the 0% card's Pre-YNAB debt (PYD) category to the paid off card's PYD category. That payoff should have been a transfer between those accounts, not a categorized transaction.

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  • Thanks for the response.  Yes, the 0% card is a budget account.  I did the transfer between the accounts and the account balances were fine, but the budget still showed the negative amount to be paid.  I'm beginning to think I set up something wrong when I set up the loan account two years ago.

  • Transfers between 2 on-budget accounts do not change the budget because the money is already budgeted somewhere. So if you want the money to change accounts AND categories you need:

    1. a transaction to move money between accounts

    2. manually make the change in the budget between the categories as dakinemaui said.

  • Ah, I think I've got now.  Thanks :-)

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