My bank account amount does not match whats showing on ynab

I manually enter all of my transactions and make sure my amounts match exactly however yesterday I had a $300 difference and today I entered in 4 transactions and now have a $320 difference. I am finding absolutely no mistakes in my entries and all of my bank transactions have cleared. HELP! I have never had this happen with such a large amount. 

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  • When did you last reconcile & lock transactions? The issue is almost certainly a missing transaction in YNAB or a wrong amount after that (an unlocked transaction).

    Are you going systematically down the bank's list looking for matches in YNAB or going down the YNAB list looking for matches on the bank site?

    The only other possible cause is an accidental edit or deletion of a locked transaction. This would require confirmation that you really want to do that, so it is extremely unlikely.

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  • I reconcile every week to make sure everything is balanced and everything was last week. Only added in a few transactions that I have verified have been entered correctly and still have a huge difference. 

  • Definitely no typo such as a decimal point in the wrong place or an extra 0? Or possibly the same transaction entered twice? It is so easy to do.

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