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In an effort to be more organized, I started moving some catagories around thinking I could better label things. After I finished, all my past transactions (over 1000) are no longer assigned to a category. Is there a good fix to this or a way to revert things? This is kind of a crappy result from trying to be more organized...

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  • As I'm looking at it further it would appear I inadvertently deleted a category grouping. Again, any way to undo this?

  • If Undo doesn't do it, you're out of luck. If you've refreshed the browser or exited, it won't.

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    • dakinemaui  Thanks, I've gone ahead and done a fresh start. That's an unfortunate feature. I tried to delete a category and it deleted the whole category group. 

    • Hey Tan Saxophone (15d39084dc23) ! Doh. I'm sorry to hear about that deleted category. When possible, we recommend hiding categories instead of deleting them. That way, your past transaction data stays intact.

      If you'd like, our team does have magic powers that may help here, and we can see if that category group can be restored. I've reached out via email with a few questions to get the ball rolling!

    • Nicole Thanks for the response. I went ahead and did a fresh start. It wasn't too much trouble and other than losing our spending history, the budget is back up and running. Hidden categories from now on!

  • In the "old" YNAB, we had the ability to restore a previous version. It was a nice feature among many that we lost when they went to a subscription model. Sigh.

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