Credit Card Discrepancy

My credit card "available" balance is $20.20 short of my reconciled balance. 

I found a business reimbursement expense from my husband for $20.20, but can't figure out how I categorized it incorrectly.

The original transaction is to the credit card and categorized as "business reimbursement"

The reimbursement transaction is a deposit to our checking account that is categorized as a split between $20.20 business reimbursement, and $200 cell phone.

What have I done wrong in my accounting? All accounts are reconciled/balanced.

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  • It's likely that the $20.20 reimbursable expense occurred last month, while the reimbursement occurred this month. Just move $20.20 from the reimbursement category to the CC payment category.

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  • I agree with Move Light Sound Life! Sounds like you entered those transactions just right. If the reimbursement occurred in the same month, the money would have automatically moved to your Credit Card Payment category, but if it occurred after the month rolled over, it would still be sitting in your Reimbursements category, and you would need to manually move it to your Credit Card Payment category in order for all to be on track. You can do that in the current month.

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